A Cosmic Love Story

Watch her
Like fireflies
Disperse within
The ether
Frequencies of
Electric blue
Dance like waves
Beneath her
She drifts out to the celestial poles
Hitting cold at absolute zero
Created by the
Extra galactic
And a special kind of Biro.
Lost away she wants to stay
Among the constellations
She’s safe there
In the midnight air
Terrestrial no relation
If you can breech earth’s tidal force
Escape velocity
She’ll be your guide to the vibrant star cluster
Lift the weight of gravity.
With a moonlit face
And needles and lace
She sews a trail out of stars
Through wormholes and cosmos
You follow behind her
Dark matter the path that it carves
Follow the channel
Illumination so soft
Make it to the dimensions edge?
Now grab her hand

Jump off!!!

Collide with her and levitate
through the floating gas bubbles

Kiss amidst the Nebulas
extravagant colors,
Merge fingertips
Ignite gamma rays.
Spin exotically within this electrical blaze.
We’ll spoon together cozy
In the crescent of the moon
Watch accretion till a Supernova blooms

galaxy 1
Together we’ll spin in retrograde motion,
Shrink in singularity of a black hole.
Dance on the planum of an event horizon,
Aurora Borealis steal the show.
But when the moon grows tired
And sets lower in the tide
She’ll banish you back
Beneath the ether
As she lingers in the sky
You’ll ache for her embrace
Within her realm of starry nights
And jaded, you’ll watch her dance
Above the zodiacal lights.


Thanks for stopping by you guys!! Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!❤✨


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A kaleidoscope of butterflies passing through my yard!

Painted Lady Butterflies

Hey guys!! Quick post here! Due to all the rain we’ve been getting here in southern California, we are getting Poppy flowers popping up out the wazoo!! We live about a mile south of one of the biggest (natural) flower fields that has recently bloomed and today a kaleidoscope of extravagantly colored Painted Lady Butterflies passed through my backyard migrating there!! They were so beautiful and whimsical in their rhythm as they flew among one another. Almost like a dance! I know the big dirt hill in the background isn’t the best backdrop BUT it’s the only place I could get them to really show up!(sorry for the toddler toys strewn about!) I’ve never seen a swarm of butterflies before and the footage isn’t all that great BUT I had to share with you all!! Thanks for stopping by!


Have a wonderful day you guys!!

Last years Poppy field by the house!





Monday’s Malcontent Musings III- A Path called Self-love(A Play on Poems)


I’m held down by the pointless things
Shallow people, their arrogance screams.

We are surrounded by it, this image of perfect, a deceitful manufacture, it’s made with a purpose.
I guess it’s maybe part of evolution, but…….. could be a technicality.
In our minds, this idea of perfect, becomes…….. a dangerous reality.
It’s based on money, popularity, and self-gain.
It’s toxic, this technological life we’re portraying.
Human curiosity, but ourselves, are we betraying??
The best thing for us, with every ounce of our being,
wander alone for awhile, it’s healthy retreating.
Follow that path, that road Frost talked about,
the one less traveled,
let it lead you off track.
Follow it with an open mind.
Express your souls fruit.
Rather than love, acceptance, a God,
life just give me the truth.
Smoothly glide through the darker Havens.
Fly with the flock?

Now the Raven

and don’t forget,

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation”.
Let the rest go, let worrisome flee, from the grasps of those talons you’re longing to be.

If it’s negatively affecting, if it’s keeping you down, from relationships, to religions, to your damn hometown.
Get out, go fast, walk steadily down that path, let it lead you not astray, but beyond the favored pack.

Footstep by footstep, you’ll never look back.

No opinions,
Only you, give justification,
to live your life without grief and without hesitation.
Build yourself whole to build yourself up,

take a detour to freedom

It’s the path called self-love.



A Christmas Poem in March

Off in the distance
Faint Christmas lights glow

A little way named Sims Lane
It’s a deep country road.

A little pearl colored house 
with a sturdy rock bottom 
My grandpa build it by hand
Hands worn but still solid.

Pulling up in the drive, 

Strung icicle lights

Chimney smoke rises up, 

Into winter’s dark night. 

My sister and I stop
To spot Santa’s sleigh
Mamaw’s face in the window 
A Christmas embrace.
Frost dancing around
Her voice calling us now,
“Come inside girls, let’s make you a plate!”

Upon running inside Papaw greets with delight holding pies, fudges, cookies and cakes!

The house warm and inviting,
family chatter reciting
The spirit of this holiday.

We gather to dine,

country’s finest of fine
while the old Christmas marathons play

Then it’s to the next room
Present opening soon
Floor, couches, corners, doorways
The presents there strewn
Every cousin had room
Just waiting for grandmother’s say.

Then it’s sheer Christmas havoc
Unwrapping each package
Paper tossing tthe Grinch’s dismay.
Then we race to our stockings
Customized, filled with toffees
Each year, on the door, the same space.

Then it’s time for goodbyes,
but when morning arrives
we will all gather again at this place.

You’ll see magic ignite from that home to the right
This is Christmas Eve night on Sims Lane.
Sharing a Christmas poem in March..random I know. BUT, living across the country from my entire family is extremely difficult. Sometimes I get homesick and it can become overwhelming, especially at night time. I wrote this poem about a year ago and I read it every now and then when I start feeling that loneliness. It makes me feel all warm and giddy inside! I feel it perfectly characterizes our cozy, whimsical family Christmas’s on Sims Lane. I thought I’d share it.Thanks for stopping by! Now go have some hot cocoa!!



Our Christmas Photo before we had children- circa 2010 and yes my dog is actually doing that.haha





Feature Photo by Patrick Zephyr

Happy International Women’s Day!❤️💪❤️

Happy International Women’s Day to every single one of you amazing women on this earth! You make the world a more sincere, colorful, profound,(I could go on) place to exist. You! Ya smart, graceful, rebel-angel-little-lady, reading this right now, whether you’re 20, 55, or 105, your people are grateful for you!! I’m telling you this because I know how they feel about you. Well, I assume that I know🤷 because I feel the same too about the ladies in my life. My sisters, my mother(and in-law), my aunts, my grandmothers, my daughter, my friends.. they’re strong, independent, supportive, loving, kind…They’re the decorations to my life. They make my life so magnificently lovely. I’m so grateful for the women this universe presented to me! Just like these ladies inspire and motivate me everyday, you do too! You lovely human being I’m talking to.
Ladies, today, treat yo-self as Donna and Tom would say(Parks and Rec! If you haven’t seen it, that’s how you should treat yo-self!😆😆) Just take a second to be grateful for your own presence in this life because it, you, contribute to the happiness of others. Your existence is a beauty to this world that NO ONE ELSE can give off! So, DO YOU for a little while! Bask in the glory of womanhood simply because you deserve to.

You are Valuable.
You are Capable.
Your womanhood, unbreakable
You are enchanting
You’re explicit
You’re so fucking exquisite.
You’re charming,
You’re wild
You send chills with your smile,
With a want in your eyes
Your touch won’t be denied.
For your strength we do hail,
You blaze a fire-charred trail,
You’re the 8th world wonder
You powerful female.

4 Powerful Women who have influenced my life and how you might know them.❤️

I won’t go into detail!(though I should because they deserve it)

Malala Yousafzai I am Malala and The Malala Fund, advocates for women and children.



Coretta Scott King– Co-founder NOW. National Organization for Women in 1966



Ruth Bader Ginsburg– Co-founded Women’s Rights Law Reporter and American Civil Liberties Union in the 70’s.






Maya Angelou-Presidential Medal of Freedom, 36 book and 7 autobiographies


























Thank you all for stopping by! I appreciate all of you! Again Happy International Women’s Day!!

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My little lady and I taking it easy today!
Because we want to conquer the world but we want to nap too!




In my head.

Why can’t I run out of things to say? The never ending rhymes of a live action play.

A thought comes to mind, I shove it back in, then that triggers more, a brain frenzy spin.
I hear quite a lot about compartmentalizing thoughts.
Arrange a place in your brain for your triggers to stay. File them in line and then store them away.
Listen though, that takes mental self-discipline, my conscience is strong and to me she ain’t listenin’.
She comes and she goes
Bouncing shoulder to shoulder. She feeds off my fears, for she’s the beholder.
She can access a space so deep in my head, she’s my own search engine to my personal dark web.
So how do I find her, arrange her, confine her? How do I get to her center, when I can barely define her!

If you can imagine it, inside my head,stuck
this little Anchor me, at my News desk. Reading the words scrolling across the screen,
thinking to herself, this girl needs to scream.
But jibberin’ and jabberin’, her mouth doesn’t stop, winning every argument, and shutting people up.
Rethinking decisions
Reconsidering ambitions
She’s good and she’s brave but if I let her, she’s vicious.

So what if I imagined her in another type of way.. not a rambling News Anchor, but my therapist per se. Instead of word scrambling she creates the clean slate. She could be the light bulb to my darkened pathway. She’s happily and gracefully arranging in there, so to organize my thoughts, she files them with care.stickman-thing-gears-bulb-idea-stickmen-white-background-45174938

We’ll steer this ship together, in this mind-awakening raging sea. She’ll hold her own in these waves though they’re deep. Because she’s also behind the good things I do, and if i’d just let her, she’d be my drive too.
See it’s a battle back and forth, literally right behind my eyes, and if it’s not my friend, this brain could be my own demise.

Thanks for stopping by! – Steph


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Safari Park Sunday

Disclaimer: Animals in captivity, no! I’m not a fan at all. But here’s an interesting fact, while decades ago it began as a breeding facility for the zoo, the Safari Park has recently turned their focus towards environmental research for certain species, with their heftiest donations contributing to the rehabilitation center as well as extended acreage for animals to freely roam in a natural habitat.

With that being said, it’s time to put down the pencil and pick up the binoculars!! It’s my husband’s birthday so we decided to head down to the San Diego Safari Park!!


Hey guys! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend (what’s left of it anyway 🙄) For anyone reading, this entry is literally just my family and I enjoying a day to ourselves. I tried to tie it all up with some deeper meaning something or another…came up empty. A simple day in the life of..which is nothing fancy or out if the ordinary. We enjoyed this time together so much with these beautiful animals, I simply wanted to share!

Let me say, observing these majestic creatures wondering amongst each other was so calming! Seeing them interact and run freely in such an open space really helped reset my mind and gear up for another week of writing.

Ladybugs in the Hidden Jungle.
Birds of a feather flock together!
Yes to everything this guy is doing!


As I wander around this San Diego Safari, watching my daughter and son’s little faces light up with each different exhibit,

River checking out the goats
Rezy owning the carousel!

I’m taken back to my childhood-

roaming that tiny Little Rock Zoo, face paint, candied popcorn, animal head cups, disproportional body drawings, chaotically studying each trail on the guide map with my sister eagerly tracing the maze we would follow during our wildlife exploration, tromping around in our Chuck T’s. I hear my sister, “Look at at big boy theya!” -Steve Irwin accent on point! (We mastered his accent.) I’ll never forget one time, a monkey was out wandering..let me be clear, 3 monkeys were out wandering. My mother was casually taking my sister and I over to pet one when my dad quickly stopped her and said “Don’t do it Annette!” Sure enough within seconds the monkey was hissing at us!! Turns out they weren’t suppose to be there!! I’ve been a little sketch of zoo’s and monkeys since then!-

Quickly I zone back into reality and I’m across the country twenty-something years later doing the same thing on a much larger scale with my own children! Seems like the blink of an eye..and I cant help but think in another blink  I could be here with my grandchildren. How quickly it all happens…life. It’s mind boggling really. The older you get the more aware of it you become..That inevitable time clock ticking onward and onward..oh look there I go, getting weird.. and didn’t I just say I’m staying out of my head!

When the elephant in your ear whispers “Stop being weird.”

Any who, come on along if you’d like to explore this southern California Safari Park with the fam and I!

Insert Jurassic Park music here! haha

These fellas were magnificent.


So glorious!
A lookout over a small piece of the park.


The giant bird bath!





Rezy skipping into that hidden jungle.
My two main dudes!
I may or may not have just been hit in the eye with a branch.(Hence the draining mascara!) haha
These little baby cheetahs had been abandoned by their mother but were recieving tons of TLC at the rehab center!













Carousel for the 8th time!



Jon with Giraffes!



Southern California!

Thanks for stopping by friends! I appreciate all of you and I hope I’ve allowed you to get to know me a little better today! Have an awesome week!!

The Girl She Was.

Bear with me while I try to capture the essence of Christina. Her creative writing would put mine to shame but i’m going to try to shine light on her beautiful life through my words. This post is a bit longer than my normal.

I remember her like it was yesterday. Her talent, her smile, her hair, her style. Driving through that tiny town, red Jaguar with the top down. To and from that Mansion she went, even at 16, a different kind of elegant.

She was our Hollywood, a small town girls. Could’ve owned our high school, the wealthiest of sorts. She was her best friend, my big sisters. And if you would’ve asked me then, I’d have told you those girl, they were soooomethin’!

Our mom’s were best friends in high school too and Her little brother was my age and together by their pool,

We’d spend our summer days..all…so…young.

On the river bend, that Mansion, just beyond those trees,
that family of 4 did quietly dwell in isolated peace.
We were grateful for them, for even as their family friends, their life in those 4 stories, mysteriously lived.

Christina though, an interesting one, quoting Sylvia Plath and Virginia Woolf. Obsessed with piano, her Oboe was her fun. Her art was insane, even our art teacher was amazed. She’d create in that humble castle beyond the corn field haze.


Come with me now, to that same house, and let me paint for you this scene. This next part will be kind of hard because life is bittersweet…..

In a tiny southern town of only 5,000 people,
stood a home so magnificent trees couldn’t hide its steeple.

This Gothic-like house,
down a loooooong lonely dirt road,
Allowed only what those treetops showed,

canopies trapping lightning bugs galore, made this fascinating place even more fun to explore.

Up the steps, between the pillars, through the HUGE front door.

I can still hear the shouts of laughter from her room on the second floor.

Through the front door, sets a black grand piano, accompanied by a spiral staircase, look to the left and see the library, behind a bookshelf a secret passageway.

Look up to the ceiling, no formality. Sunlight falls with grace. Sprouting from the staircase, a wood balcony, aligning the walls like a maze.

Follow the passage past the windows that stretched ceiling to ground, and a mirror, the entire wall space. Keep rounding it along, Freddie Mercury greets you with song, lit up by Christina’s face. Do I let myself go back inside.. just once. I must embrace.

My sister, her, Melissa..the life! The make-up, the boy talk, the girl talk, the fights. Her baby grand piano, her closet not light, aromas to soothe, bathroom vintage so bright, that giant painting on her wall, a ballerina in blue, taken flight.

Your voices, southern, through the massive stairwell,

through the third floor, Fourth floor into the rivers swell..

Echoing through that mansions kitchen, out by the pool..down to the sandbar, through the corn fields full.

Echoing echoing but not anymore.

The voices grew quiet.

Fields colors grew dull.


And I want to hope that on the night she died, the stars spared her a moment to look at the sky.

Did she lay on that hillside and recap her life? Regret her decision, that fury filled drive. Was she lying there peacefully to breathe her last breath? Was she panicked, scared, even realized she wrecked??

Did she have to time think about the person she’ll never be, the career she’ll never have, the lover she’d never meet. I need to know, was she ever in pain? Our beautiful Christina, she was taken in vain.

I’m so mad at her life. I’m So angry I can’t think. All of her beauty was gone in blink. The one-of-kind nose, we all loved as kids, that Christina laugh, her hug a deep grip. That Christina smile, her humor, so fun. Her SNL skits, friends crying with laughter when she’s done!! Charismatic, humble, smart and wild she was every one of those things compiled.

My sister and her best friend Melissa, will bury their best friend Christina in those next few days. 23…all.so.young.

ln an instant I’m back in her room and it’s cold, it’s night. and it’s dark. Death’s gloom. No life..no Christina. She hasn’t been there for years..so empty. So quiet. A life no longer lived. A vintage mirror still hangs without her reflection, a closet full of fancy clothes, no human connection… bet that room is still getting used to it’s new life…which is no life. Just quiet….an unwanted neglection.

just still…but still the same room, nothing changed, nothing moved…

Maybe a lonely ghost….a girl, so beautiful, so talented, wondering around that wooden balcony, staring out her window…Trapped in that room, in that Mansion, next to that River, down that road, outside of that small town, her whimsical spirit now bound. That room.

And when I go back to that town, I’ll see her mother, at the cemetery, sitting graveside with fresh flowers.. Christina’s grave always has the most colorful ones. To shine light on a life most inspiring, it was. But right there, under the trees she’ll remain. For her mother to sit and remember the loss she’s now gained.

Playing dress up in my mom’s old Majorette uniforms when they were in middle school. Three of them eventually became Dardanelle High Schools Majorette team! Left to right: Christina, Melissa, Stacy
Those Christina hugs❤️
❤️ Christina ❤️
Best friends.❤️
My favorite candid of Stacy and Christina. This was the year she threw a MASSIVE Halloween party. Complete with Tarot Card readers, palm readers, fortune tellers, etc. The entire high school was there. She was such a good Marilyn Monroe!

Love you Christina,


Monday’s Malcontent Musings II- Crooked as a crook.


I have a headache because I’m dizzy. My view is all crooked.

I’m sick of crooked. It’s everywhere. It’s behind what we love, it’s behind what we hate, anything involving corporations, anything involving large amounts of money, politics, religion, marketing, education..it’s all driven by dishonest people with crooked intentions. It’s causing my head to spin!!
When did crooked become the answer to everything? I mean politics, I know, have always been based on power moves and anything involving power also involves competition. People ache for control, superiority,  because then they can be selfish. Crooked..damn you. You sneak your way into good things, good people. You change their perspectives and even how they live. And when you find crooked, prepare yourself because it dances with its friend narcissism. Those two tango in a ring a fire, and they’ll burn ya without remorse because they cancel each other out..right? Because there was a reason for that crooked behavior *COUGH personal benefit at others expense*COUGH…

YEP FULLY JUSTIFIED because well, selfishness! And it’s ok because it’s me, Narcissism!! Rules don’t apply to me!

Greed keeps crooked in business.

And while normally I’d ask you to, please do not excuse my language because I’m fucking mad!
I WANT GOOD TO WIN! Damnit when??

-Here’s a scenario-

Good is playing basketball against Greed, Crooked, and Narcissism.

Greed bear hugs the ball and refuses to move until time runs out..Good is defeated.

Crooked hides the ball under his shirt and says it never showed up.. Good is defeated.

Narcissism pops the ball and says it doesn’t need to play because it’s already the best…Good is defeated.

Without us pushing for Good, up against these guys, it doesn’t stand a chance. Good needs a team.
Good needs everyone showing up and rooting on its side.





Thanks for tuning in to Monday’s Malcontent Musings. Have a great week everyone!


Featured image from Guilded Age @ google.