🌻The Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination.🌻

I want to start this blog by highlighting one word: Community!

I started blogging because I needed a space to “place” my thoughts. I needed a “safe haven” away from popular opinion, away from people I knew, but a place that still offered a community. This blogosphere is my favorite group of people. That might sound crazy to many of you.

Blogging, for me, has never been about building a large following and monetizing . It’s never been about accumulating tons of likes, it’s not based on receiving praise. It has ALWAYS been about connecting with like-minded individuals wherever they may be located. We need that human connection and I yearn to learn😝 about life through reading and writing about it.

This space, and you all, allow me to experience different places and cultures beyond staged, perfectly positioned models over social media and beyond that of textbook studying. I don’t have endless amounts of money to travel anywhere and everywhere. BUT You all provide me with a window to your world, from India, England, France, Australia, Canada, Lebanon, all the way back to my home base in North America, you guys have made such a difference in my life. You have brought forth such a colorful new world in where one moment I’m chatting with friends in England while simultaneously sharing poems with friends in Brazil! You’ve welcomed me into a supportive environment freckled with interesting minds and beautiful perspectives who genuinely enjoy reading my writing. I’m am so extremely internally grateful for all of you who have joined my cosmic dreaming journey! Haha Also, if you have Instagram I’d love to connect with you all on there. Click the link! @steph_roath13😀😀https://www.instagram.com/steph_roath13/

Huguette, I focus in on you when I highlight the word community because you are simply one of the most vibrant colors in the pack!! Once again you’ve boosted my confidence beyond the stars by being a constant presence in my blog life and considering me for the Sunshine Blogger nomination. Thank you sweet Huguette♥️♥️.






Huguette’s blog is one that stands out to me because she addresses real issues that many of us can relate to. She’s is honest, real, and so extremely caring. She has an honest take on life situations and I find her optimistic perspective inspiring. Also you can trust her, she’s always coffee over tea. 😆😆

You all should check her out! She loves connecting and interacting with other bloggers!♥️ Here’s her blog guys! Give her a follow!


Dangit Huguette you know how to make a girl feel confident!

The Rules:
1.Thank the blogger who nominated you.✔️
2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.✔️
3.Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.✔️
4.List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award in your post/or on your blog.✔️

Questions to answer:

1. Favorite actor / actress?

My boy Chris Farley.♥️ (Have you guys seen Adam Sandler’s tribute?😭) Chris Farley had such an impact on the comedy world in the 90’s. From Every.Single.Character he ever played on SNL to be an annoying brother on Black Sheep, to being David Spades sidekick in Tommy Boy (and BS), to a bus driver and a ninja…Chris Farley could execute it hysterically! -Only the good die young.

2. Favorite TV series.

Hmmmmm well Huguette, how much time do you have?! 😆 You might need a chair!
Just a few- Grace and Frankie, Parks and Recreation, Weeds, Good Girls, PAULA ZAHN (I LOVE YOU and I’ll never miss an episode!), Through the Wormhole, The Office, American Housewife, Superstore and last but never least, THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND!!!🏴‍☠️

3. What do you think about tattoos?

Do what makes you happy! Ya want them, do it. If you don’t well then don’t! I might have one of my own! Seriously though this is the only picture I have even after 10 years! It’s music notes. lol


4. Are you with death penalty considering a family member was murdered?
Yes. Life is a gift and if you’re going to go around murdering people then you don’t deserve to live. I know some think being trapped in jail would be the worst but I disagree. In jail you still connect with life and living things. You can still use your senses, know appreciation, know reward, speak. It may not be in the ways that are most comfortable but you’re still reaping the rewards of being alive and after taking another person’s life you shouldn’t have that reward…damn is that mean??!?

5. Beer or wine?

*Clears throat…..Yeah I like both..a little bit.🤫












6.Which scent / perfume do you use?       Chloe Narcisse and ANYTHING Bath and Body works and ANYTHING Victoria Secret and ANYTH..ok I’m done.

7. What you would like to be called (a nick name or pet name or maybe your real name)
Most people just call me “Steph” and I’m totally comfortable with that.🤗🤗

8.What’s your point of weakness?
My children. Their vulnerability. I need to protect them at all cost with every single ounce of being I have to protect them. It’s imprinted into my DNA. They’re my offspring and there is an invisible cord that links them and I forever. Until the anchor breaks. The love I hold for my children molded me into the strongest version of myself…but I’ll break in a heartbeat to ensure their safety and happiness. Weird how that works!36700165_1876884875950000_6588363773457727488_n.jpg



9. Are you happy? Explain

I’m so happy! Also though, a little confused, exhausted, depressed, psychotic, and like, so totally intellectual too.😜😜😜 (Kidding!) But to answer the question more clearly- YES! I’m happy because I know that my family is happy. My children are fed, my husband loves me, extended family is safe at home. I’m grateful for these small things.
We see suffering everywhere nowadays.True suffering, people dying, watching their children starve, losing careers- losing security..and many times even through those trials people (with time) rediscover happiness…so I’m aware that I have a rich( with love!) life in other words. No complaining here!617

10. Would you take a bullet for someone you love?
Quicker than you could pull the trigger.

11. What do you think about paragliding?

Ya know what Huguette, Thank you. For asking. Never have I been asked by anyone my feelings on paragliding and to be honest I have a pretty concrete opinion about it.

because, why? I don’t like heights and I’m in planes a lot…that’s all the “gliding through the air” I need. I watch YouTube, I’ve seen what can happen ya’ll!! And I’m gonna pass on it.

My 11 Questions

1. If you could choose a place to live, anywhere in the world, where would it be?

2. If you had to choose between being stranded in the ocean or the desert, which would it be?

3. If you could solve one mystery involving history which event would you choose?

4. If you could own any animal in the world to have as a lifetime friend, what animal would you choose?

5. Linking to the question above, what’s your spirit animal?

6. If you could choose, would you explore the deepest trenches in the ocean OR the farthest galaxies from earth?

7. If you could dye your hair any color in the world BUT you had to live with it for a year, what color would you choose?

8. If you could choose a talent (art, musician, athlete, etc..) what would you choose?

9. To live among the animals in the forest OR the humans in the city? What do you choose?

10. In your daily life, what brings you the most joy?

11. All beliefs aside- Reincarnation- you get to choose what you become in your next life. What do you choose??

So I do things just a bit differently, I do follow quite a few pretty private bloggers so- the bloggers that I chose will have a link under their last post. If you’d like to participate just let me know and I’ll add your link below!!😀😀😀😀

Thank you all for reading! Feel free to participate in the questions! You guys are all so awesome and Huguette, again, thank you so so much!!♥️♥️♥️

The edge of the Universe isn’t the end.

I’m Mesmerized… Guys this post is a long one but stay with me!!♥️♥️🌹

Ya know what it is for me…I NEED to understand infinite. When we talk INFINITE, forever, never-ending..it triggers the word “recycle” in my mind. I immediately begin to ask myself WHERE does our universe end. Through intricate calculations using Astrophysics, Astrologists have determined that there could indeed be an ending to our universe BUT this “ending” would be located no closer than 46 BILLION LIGHT-YEARS from our own galaxy. (I know many Astrologists prefer Parsecs which is basically just working with a larger number of light-years- like 3.26 light-years-but those numbers go way over my head so I stick to the basic “distance of light traveled over a year” light-year)Now we already know that 1 light-year is about 5.9 trillion miles so let’s multiply 46,000,000,000 by 5,900,000,000,000 and what the flip is that number!
Well I’ll be damned..here I go again free falling into the whirlpool that is my unwavering fantasy of wonder.


Life allows people to experience things together. Do we enter and exit this life alone?? Or is it all one big energy-recycling-endless-infinite-journey that filters, renews, and resets itself using unfamiliar fabrics and new life evolving elements unknown to us simply because we can’t reach it. We are unaware of it. With that being said, let’s take a little journey into space and creation and recycled energy and see where we wind up.

Let us all load into my Cossey Cosmos Craft and ship out! (Cossey is my maiden name🤗)

Shooting quickly past all our known planets, past the sun, exiting the Orion Arm building speed as we rocket past the outer rim of stars, and then launching ourselves out of the Milky Way Galaxy entirely. Let’s all wave as we bullet past the Wolf-Rayet Nebula, the stellar nurseries, and even past the FURTHEST known galaxy in our universe- MACSO647-JD. Now we are about 13.3 billion light-years away from our home which is already farther than our minds could ever comprehend. But still, we.aren’t.even.close. to the edge.

So let’s go ahead and take a wormhole. ZIPPING through the fabric of space using a glitch in dark matter it should only take about 300000 years if we are traveling 10x the speed of light. I hope you guys still trust me to steer the Cosmos Craft then!😮😆

OKAY! Entering wormhole! Tunneling through the universe, we are surpassing any sort of existing elements and the further we travel the more truth is revealed. All the way to the beginning such as metals, gases, rocks, ice, Carbon, all the way to the creator element itself-Hydrogen. We see it and keep going beyond. So far that all life creating molecules have been abandoned years ago. That’s right friends we’ve now surpassed the units of time. Suspended upon the Cesium atoms vibrations within every passing second we are frozen….non-existent to time.

Still funneling through space in our wormhole we are now zooming into a void of blackness as the light of our omnipresent universe dims behind us. Still traveling to the edge, we have reached darkness. A midnight created by matter so thick that we can park the Cossey Cosmos Craft, put on our space suits and actually walk the rest of the distance. However we’ll need flashlights because this void is dense and even our own hands can’t be seen.

Now, remember this is dark matter like we’ve never experienced. The closer we get to the edge of the universe the thicker the dark matter. Let’s keep walking🦶🦶 Now our footsteps are getting heavy..but not from gravity. A new weird substance..We wade through it like sludge…. So thick it has actually taken shape of a solid.

Friends!! We are here. We may be a little old and frail but we have made it to the edge of the universe!!! To a massive black realm. Resembling sheets hanging from a ceiling buried in the oily sludge. Its own pull, keeping the entire mold, universe, intact.

Now we DIG.

I shove my hands deeply in, but then pause and watch as each of you bury yourself into the sludge. No goodbyes, no questions anymore. Just leaving. And as each of you go, the hole in the wall closes quickly swallowing you inside and I’ll dig quickly for you but you’re gone…pulled through…

Now it’s my turn. I begin my dig. Into the black. Into the edge of the universe……

I’m swallowed whole. In a bubble enclosed in darkness. I’m panicking, breathing loudly…

echos short…

All of a sudden I’m shedding my space suit. My breathing apparatus has attached itself to the side of my bubble, linking us and binding a connection. Claiming me. My hands push against this force, this sac.  My feet kick rapidly. I keep moving.. not digging anymore but moving..hovering in some sort of….

Wait! I see light! I move, kick, scramble, quickly towards the light. I crawl…wiggling myself out of the darkness and now…suddenly.. my mind is new. Unaware of where I’ve been. Unaware of the journey just taken. I’m floating..in the light. Paused in a warmth, still absent from time.. unaware but conscience..shaping into something new.

…. Dudu-dudu-dudu-dudu-dudu-dudu….

over and over in these newly assembled ears. Nebulas being traced on fingertips through stardust as I linger… untouched. Then! Out of nowhere a translucent wall! Alive! Muffled voices trapped inside.

All of a sudden I’m being pushed, pulled, forced out into a cold new air, handled and spun, washed and weighed. A familiar feeling but scary so I cry, scream! Hearing coos and cries. It’s all so familiar but so new.

Then gently cradled into the arms of a beating heart I’m quickly comforted by her embrace. Her heart, that through the work of the cosmos was created, has now through the same recycled energy, recreated me. But as I’m held in these arms, gazing into these loving eyes of a beautiful new mother admiring cosmic perfection, the universe grants me one last moment and in her eyes I see everything that I once was.

I see my face for the last time- my birth-my home-my husband-my children-my parents- my sisters-my tears-my loves-my music-my art-my death-MY LIFE. And then….LIGHT. A BURST.

Forgotten…. but not far……

I am never gone, but I’m never me again after death.

Now a new person, who in random moments throughout this new life will tap into emotions felt by someone who lived before this “new existence” …..but by death, an omnipresent universe and energy, it has and will continue to connect, spark, recycle, renew, and relive.

We are never too far away even at the edge of the universe.

The edge of the universe isn’t the end, by recycled energy, we will live again.


My creation Fantasy.

Thanks for reading you guys! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!!


Photos from google!

🙃Monday’s Malcontent Musings IV. She’s watching.🤨🙃

I’ve heard about this little lady,
and you guys,
she’s something else.

She’s been around for many years.
Good people foster her good health.

She’s always watching
and taking notes..
She never lets anything go.
Whether it’s wrong,
Whether it’s right,
She’ll come back to let you know.

Placing names along with dates
in a bottomless pocket pit,
For those who’ve gained
off another’s misfortune,
You bet, she’s rememberin’.

She motivates the good.
She haunts the bad.
She knows you
without your approval.
And normally the slyest,
most narcissistic ones,
She comes down on much more brutal.

Keep in mind
she’s great to the righteous.
And right to those that are selfless.
And she’ll reign mercy
in times of need,
for she sees when
loving people are helpless.

She keeps friends close,
but enemies closer.
Her memory is
She tells herself,
“Even if it takes fifty years,

So do your best
to be good in this life,
cause she’s prowling
like a secret little witch.

For many have seen her,
wreak havoc on evil,
and they’ll say ’bout her,


Have a good week you guys!! Make sure you stay on Karma’s good side! She can be a real bitch.😝😝😝

Like a River.

She is searching for herself,
like a river for the ocean,
through the canyons of the
Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Twisting in the Lilies
of the Caledonian Forest.
In golden sways of countryside she pours.

She is searching for herself,
all the while creating meaning,
’round every bend and
down each avenue explored.

Rushing down the valley,
In rings and ripples,
Her hand-built galley,
she serenades through babbling brooks
she freely forms.

She is searching for herself,
for she hears, “Happiness you find.”
But what she didn’t realize yet is
they’re already intertwined.

Gently she curves,
with the movements of the meadows,
stirring earth with a
calming gentle touch.

Every sandbank, every riverbed,
is shaped by her settling sediment,
rocks smoothed flat as paper
in her clutch.

She is searching for herself,
so some parts she leave beyond.
But as a reminder she breaks pieces off,
Turns that water into ponds.
There she’ll sing with birds,
perched in branches all day long,
chattering with woodland creatures,
there to drink with song.

Quenching thirsty buried roots,
She burrows the muddy core,
of a Grandmother Tree,
the oldest there-known,
and then lifetimes from before.

She channels herself,
through the empty canals,
from places never seen never known.
She rages the beach pit,
as a freshwater misfit,
to the ocean front, low and behold.

To her surprise,
when she’d settled in the sea,
one day she was ripped away.

Lifted in breeze,
gliding with ease,
afloat for 9 to 10 days.

She’s searching for herself
but what she thought
would be her answer
now has left her
with more questions day to day.
Alone she’s moving,
if she’d believe it.
Where they’ve had her,
again, she’s needed.
For everything,
She brings to life,
within her wake.

Now through space,
gracefully free fallin’,
anchoring herself as fresh dew drops on Holly.
Misting sweet nothing’s,
drifting in the air,
tickling as she lands upon,
the rim of a furry new ear.

Pindrops on leaves.
Mushroom caps shielding fairies.
Sprinkling between branches,
soaking each floating aerie.

She makes her way down,
creating veins on forest floors.
Back to the streams and creeks,
where she started months before.

Back to the lakes……………….. that wade into the ponds,
returning to the muddy brook,
to hear the New Bird song.

Back onto her Rivers course
now renewed from waters salt.
Removed from the oceans comfortable current.
Even it must now exalt.

She was searching for herself,
her meaning is in her flow.
She was searching for purpose she had all along,
Little did she know.

Hey you guys! 🙋 Hope you’re all having a phenomenal weekend! Thank you for stopping by! 🏞️🏞️

🧭☠️The Curse of Oak Island.☠️🧭

A longer post with a imbalanced rythm😮 but this is a true story. 🤓An actual treasure hunt where artifacts have been discovered dating back to the 1200’s. It’s so very intriguing to me because..what were they protecting??..Hiding?? Is it still under there? Has it already been discovered and kept secret? Either way, these new found artifacts kind of change the history of America. My theory- Columbus was sent on a mission to steal back the stolen goods…he then stumbled upon land… America.

The Curse of Oak Island(in rhyme)

There is a place, a discovery was made, by three boys walking in the forest one day.
In-between a group of trees was a circular indention,
So in 1795 they grabbed shovels and started digging.
These boys names, McGinnis, Vaughan, and Smith, came across the first clue that would begin life long myth…
After diggin’………right beyond ten feet, they found long oak platforms….quite a mystery.
For these rotten old logs were buried consecutively down, and on every other platform something weird was found.
From coconut shells to coconut fibers, to charcoal and clay pickaxe impressions from pirates.
This borehole was riddled with clues from the past, the most important thing, 90 feet down, a stone slab.
In symbolic hieroglyphics, a message it carried,
“Forty feet below, 2 million pounds are buried.”


This Nova Scotia island,
Up off the Northeast coast,
It buried treasure long ago,
through a Money Pit it boasts.
This treasure locked inside, 170 feet below.
In the 10X shaft,
box drain booby traps
triggers Ocean water to flow.
Filling the tunnels swiftly with force, a drain system when trailed to its start,
leads to an artificial beach named Smith’s Cove,
one-hundred and forty-five feet long piece of art.
Folklore says that this treasure was bargained or stolen from a Royal rich Bevan.
And in searching a treasure hunter must beware for it will claim the lives of seven.


Now there are theories about the treasure.
Who buried it and what does it hold?
Where is hiding on this tiny island!
Will these secrets forever never be told?

Was it the looting of Panama?
The manuscript of Francis Bacon?
The Knights Templar?

Is it the diamonds of Marie Antoinette?
Lost scrolls of Shakespeare?
The Crown Jewels of France?

Could it have been pirates?
Maybe Captain William Kidd,
from 1612, those sly sea buccaneers..

Is it buried in the money pit, or underneath the swamp?
In cavern borehole 35?
Or right under their foot stomps?

Could it have been the Ark of the Covenant protected by crusaders?
Could it have been a mission set forth by the Catholics and determined Spaniards?

Because each of these theories could line up to some truth and upon further testing, they’ve found remnants to provide proof.

From rubies and swords, to Templar crosses and coins.
From treasure chest lockets to bones from human loins.

From construction sites in Smith’s Cove that dates back to 1650.
To a ship graveyard filled with old nails and logs and a port to bank boats built nifty.

And bear with me now for this story is true and its curse over time has played out.
Summoned by a siren in the form Oak island known names like ole’ Roosevelt have prowled.


Starting back from 1804 the Onslow and Truro Companies were formed.
Then Oak Island Association in ’61- an accident
claiming life number one.
Then in 1897, Oak Island Treasure Company sees the second.

Skipping ahead to 1909 through the late year of 1965,
We had the crews of Roosevelt, and then Robert Restall, who created the biggest tragedy of all as 4 more hunters soon would fall.
A poisonous gas leaking fumes from the shaft, would cause Restall and his son and 2 others to pass.

Now the treasure has quickly claimed 6.
Then arrived Robert Dunfield, his tunnels flooded so he quit.

After him was stubborn Fred Nolan and then determined Dan Blankenship, who at the same time purchased land on this island and were racing for this million dollar pit.

Then year 1969 formed A Triton Alliance between  Blankenship and his friend Tobias. They discovered a port for dismantling old ships. Finding artifacts dating from beyond 1650-ish.

Skip ahead a few years a diver was sent down but from murky waters in deeps caverns well nothing was found..
But a cavity was seen shooting off to the side that divers  believe could’ve led to the sight.
This place has a name,
most treasure hunters could recall,
all this gold is locked below in the cement Chapel Vault.


Now recently the Lagina(La-geen-uh) Brothers have taken over this quest and with unanswered questions to this mystery laid Fred and Blankenship to rest.

They are drilling away and digging with diligence, finding heaps upon heaps of lost and buried evidence, but still often look over one small and quiet testament.

A man born of slaves in South Carolina by the name of Samuel Ball was hired onto Oak Island.

He was born of nothing, a poor man, allowed no decisions. But he’d eagerly return for Lot 32 with his missus.

Legends say that if he found that treasure boy he took it to the grave, for not even the closest of his family know how that land in Nova Scotia was paid.

See they’re getting closer to answering questions,
Draining the swamp, massive ship logs collected.
They’ve built roads and dams and excavation sites, but they still cannot pin point where this buried treasure lies.

If there’s anything they’ve learned it’s this place is unremorseful, grips unwillingness to give. But its name has been said one thousand times over, it teases with golden grins.

And if you listen closely there, you’ll hear chanting through the wind,
If you asked the trees they’d say, “It’s The Curse of Oak Island.”

Thank you for stopping by you guys! Watch this treasure hunt unfold on the History Channel!

Map created by Mourri.

🌟I feel you, Being.🌟

While I’m working on some writing at the moment, I just read an interesting little somethin’….I wanted, NEEEEDED, to share it with you all because well, WOW!

Here ya go!

-If you were to gather every single pebble of sand from every single beach in the world and count them- the number of galaxies in the universe would still outnumber the sand pebbles.

Our tiny Milky Way Galaxy is just one single pebble of sand.-


mind blow wow GIF

Well now my mind is spinning and going and I’m thinking all crazy, wonderin’ if parallel world’s exist, and if things like deja Vu, weird moments of clarity, etc., are actually more like a connection to another life form in a far away place. Us tapping into a frequency of living that is unseen TO US but nonetheless existing.👽

I love this possibility. I love the wonder. But gosh I hate missing out. I have so many questions about these other places and ways of life.

✨Let’s go there✨

What if these lives on these worlds in these galaxies have been existing far far longer. What if some of them consist of a sun and an earth similar to ours, humans like us, but oh so different, much more advanced.What if they exist in a world extremely different than ours. Colors, weather, beings.. I want to know them, see them..but I never will. And to think these worlds exist(could?? do??) without the knowledge of us. Them, out there, asking these same questions in some crazy alien language. What if WE ARE the unknown to someone, somewhere l.i.g.h.t.y.e.a.r.s a.w.a.y. And no matter what we tell ourselves, no matter what we believe in our tiny little bubble here, the answer is out there, above us, around us. It is there existing. We are so so small and we are not alone. Or are we? I like to believe that I am a beautiful question in another life at another place among the cosmos. I am centered in some Being’s deep questioning.

(Stay with me on this)To you other Being-

I, my sole existence, my awareness right here right now, is the answer to my own question about yours. I am alive and I am here, whether you know it or not. It doesn’t matter if you can or can’t prove it in your tiny place way out there on your planet. And it doesn’t matter if I can prove it in my tiny place here on earth, you are existing out there too and your existence doesn’t warrant my approval. Your existence is bigger than my understanding. Your existence is MORE than my questioning. But you should know, during your moments of deep questioning in your beyond,there is someone(🙋) out there aware and curious about you too. Millions of lightyears away, in another galaxy, on another small planet, in a tiny town..You are a hopeful girls fantasy. 🙋‍♀️🛸
Within you is where her deepest questions linger. And somewhere above, she can feel you…in a frequency.

I feel you answering my deepest wonders.✌

me space

AHHHH It’s too early for this! 😆😆 Have a good day friends! Hope I didn’t lose ya on that one! haha ✌👽🌟❤


The earth inhales
within the stars
and exhales life
through beating hearts.
With the moon
it coincides,
Carving life through the ocean tides.
I watch it breathe
in front of me,
back and forth the
white waves breech.screenshot_20190414-130131
Salt and sand
caress my skin.
At my toes
my feet step in
and in that moment I am……

an extension.

Linking the universe to a human connection.
……A new world
of mysterious treasures.
In, out, under, and above the waters.
I’ll set out beyond
the pebbled beach.
Tiptoeing atop a
cradle so deep.
Tiptoeing infinitely into
calm waters, just me.
Even lurking sea creatures
Far back, turned away,
Though this place they have heard of,
And by rumors they acclaim.
Comfortable now in a midnight frame
Deep seas and dark skies playing games.star2
Mirroring one another,
apart but the same.
A reflection of a universe,
Not one can proclaim


See there is a story being told.
A universal understanding in an omnipresent mold.
A new diamond world
Behind and a far
A shiny jeweled dimension to show how tiny we are.
Where only it’s silent.
Tenderly I step,
balancing on the edge of the blue
far enough I’ve crept.

Outside now of chiming tocksstarrr
For time is only that,
which is measured by clocks.
I’ll wander deeper into this abyss
Meteorites ignite skimming fingertips.
And it dawns on me, where the sun can’t shine
I am a piece to this puzzle of life.
A critical part,
with a need to understand,
but knowing answers only give,
once we’re gone and dead.

So I will stay here tucked away,
isolated from the inevitable.
Wandering alone
with my alien-eyed binnacle.
In this expansion,
we can’t be the only life.
Which makes my tiny jigsaw piece an even BIGGER prize.

And there is one thing that I hold true,
that’s when I do depart,
although my life ends here on Earth
my energy will light the stars.fingertips

This is my fantasy story…


Have a wonderful week everyone! Thank you so much for stopping by!✨❤








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To be One again. Happy Birthday Riv!

Well yesterday was a super special day at the Roath house as we celebrated my son’s first birthday!! Below I’ve included 365 pictures for every day he has been alive….JUST KIDDING! Geeze, I wouldn’t do that to you guys! 😆😆 But I did just want to take a second to recognize my favorite little fella and share some pictures of him diggin’ into his cake!😊



He had so much fun! We decided to go small, like super small, maybe 8/10 people there. We did the same thing with my daughter. I’m less stressed knowing it’s just family, super easy, no crazy house cleaning..lol otherwise …well, I’d be teetering on the brink of a breakdown like that little lady on TV(see photo below).. and nobody wants to see that crazy Stephanie on such a fun day.🤷‍♀️

Yes her.

Real quick, I won’t go into detail about the birth story but I will say, I slept through the contractions for a good hour or so, I kept telling myself in my sleep they were “time of the month” cramps.(almost like sleeping through your alarm because you’re dreamin, ya know?)

A sharp pain woke me up from sleep as well as my dog Kevin, who was frantically pacing around our bed. (Good boy Kev!)

Kev and I! 

I quickly snapped into reality and realized “Wait, I’m pregnant! and those aren’t cramps, they’re contractions! After being A WEEK OVERDUE I was finally in labor! About time Riv! Needless to say, it was crazy…running, deep breathing, goodbyes to my daughter- it was my first time leaving her and goodbyes my parents- who had flown in from Arkansas the night before! Within a few hours he was here! Thankfully everything went smooth! Didn’t take long for the little guy to arrive! (which makes me wonder how long I slept through contractions!)

Anywho, it has been an awesome year with him! and it’s been truly beautiful watching my daughter grow into a big sis! She’s learning patience and sharing right now to say the least😆! I can’t wait for many more memories with this sweet boy!  Just a few more pictures because, well…i’m a proud mom! haha Have a wonderful week everyone! I’m officially the mother of a 3 year old and a 1 year old!  Also I kept the picture at a min of twenty..You guys be proud. 😆❤✨ My little man’s life in a few photos, no particular order!



You grew inside of my belly,

you breathed and lived within me,

I’ve felt you from your first movements,

I was the first to touch you,

I felt the first embrace of your skin.

There is nothing I can say,

to describe the way you’ve changed me.

There is nothing I can tell you,

to describe what you mean to me.

See there’s a connection

between a mother and son

And there is nothing stronger

than a mother’s sworn love.

With everything I have to offer to the world,

It is to you only, I can make this oath,

I’ll always be your biggest fan my dear little one,

my sweet River Roath.

I love you

-Mom aka Steph


Have a wonderful week you guys! Thank you so so much for stopping by and celebrating Riv’s big day!❤✨✨✨❤


Cupcake photo from Google!




Why do we all let personal perspectives sway our intuition?
These unlimited thoughts without planned actions they hold no dominion.
When they’re good, well they’re good, inspiring to test.
But don’t let the bad ones distract you from your quest.
There’s a difference, you should know, when someone speaks to praise.
And a difference you should know, in an envious phrase.
There are people who are for you, with every good intention.
And there are people who in a jealous act, pitch irrelevant convictions.
But I want you to know, those words, they just don’t matter.
Don’t even use them as motivation to make yourself better.
It’s simply negative noise,
Someones unfulfilling void.
Reality is, they’ll gossip about you, so with themselves they are less annoyed.
These thoughts and people, give them no attention,
because in order to hurt you,
they need your permission.
When you go searching for something,
When your start finding yourself,
You’re are doing it for you, and nobody else.
And that kind of bravery makes stagnant people uncomfortable.
That kind of “letting go” makes the freedom incredible.
So screw what someone thinks.
Honestly who gives a damn.
If they’re aren’t inspiring you,
well then enough said.
Remember everyone has their own….. 2 cents opinion,
It’s really just words in the air, like.. one in a million…stick4
So you keep doing you, because they’re talking to taunt.
You’re a force to be reckoned with, no chatter can daunt.
But I’ll stop for now, because my ramblings can be continuous.
Remember though,
“What someone thinks about you… it’s out of mind, and it’s none of your business.”

Also these are just my opinions.


I put on this shirt and within 30 seconds my son rubbed chocolate on it…🙄 What can ya do?.?.



(not addressing anyone specific! Just those every day a-holes that try to put a road block to your good vibes!)♥️

Thank you guys for stopping by!! I hope you all have a wonderful upcoming week! And remember, don’t sweat the small things!!😜✨✨✨✨

Feature photo from Google.