❤️When she writes to me.❤️

-I recently celebrated my birthday and I’ve been meaning to share what my sister wrote to me. Not only does she make me feel like a QUEEN!🙌 She captures our childhood in just a few words.❤️ I’ll cherish her and this forever. I love you Stacy!

-Stephanie Roath,
My memories with you are never black and white,
Your presence lights up the room in a way that makes colors seem brighter,
Etching our moments into my psyche,

I love the way you’re naturally wild, even your eyes have yellow,

You give me permission to be all that I am, permission to run free, and you always have,

Little girls, riding our bikes down a dirt road, I say, “let’s go back!” and you say, “But what’s out there?! We have to know!”

So we’d pedal a bit further, til we reached a little creek, take our shoes off and dip in our feet,

Sloshing our toes into the mud below
Catching craw dads and observing tadpoles,

No matter the place, no matter how close to home, life was an adventure wherever we’d roam,

And it still is, cause the adventure is you—

If I could capture you in a few short words, you’re that force in nature that once seen doesn’t need to be heard…

Stunned Silent.

Your Being is enough for people to want to draw near and yet the closer they get, their focus becomes more unclear,

Goddess, Energy, Divine Indeed,
Athena, Artemis, Persephone,

Like a west wind, one I feel but cannot see, so is your soul tied to the depths of me,

Power in numbers? But no more than 2. Cause holiness is me at my worst, still being enough for you,

Isn’t that love, the kind we dream about?
One single presence that will love you completely here and now-
relentlessly-unceasingly—never in doubt,

Evolving beyond the need to meet the status quo, not accepting fear as the path we will grow,

Not into complacency, or submission, or a maintained ego,
But melting through the layers of our chosen ethos,

I call on you to be the rain and my umbrella and you are both,
A cleansing baptism of honesty and truth
But kind enough to protect me too

And I don’t ever wanna know me without you,
I truly don’t know who I’d be with out you,

Anam Cara by Soul, Blood by fate…
Common Ancestors, cells, lava-filled lakes,
Stars exploding in outer space,
Matter, anti/matter,
Beginning of time,
As far as we know, no reason or rhyme,

Out of 400 trillion, the odd to be here was one—
And yet, we get to be sisters too while we’re under the sun?
There isn’t a battle, but I’d say we’ve won…

I am in awe that we just get to be here, and that I’ve had the joy of loving YOU for 33 years🎉🥳🎊🤩🤪🥰🤪🤩🎊🥳🎉

I love her!! 😭 So grateful for this!

Have a good week friends;❤️


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