Hallways and Key Rings.

For you sister,


I see your face in my memories through hallways and key rings.

I’d pass by your bedroom, see you with headphones on, dancing.

I’d go to my room at only age seven and dance to the same beat until age eleven.

It was fun, when we took the headphones off, learn to really enjoy “OUT LOUD.”

We found comfort in the vibes,

rebellious beats,

and the crowds.

I’d say, “Let’s drive dad’s truck down the back roads and sing.”

You threw me the keys, yanked on your beanie,

and said, “You’re driving! My legs can’t reach!”

11 and 13 on some kind of frequency.

A little older and I’d see you from the hallways at church..

staring at you through the glass,

sticking out my tongue and making you laugh.

You’d run out,

while tossing me the keys fast. You’d say,

“I’m parked to the left! Now get on with your rebel ass!”

I’d see you in the hallways at school,

we’d be passing with separate friends,

still a quick head nod, a finger point, and a grin,

“I’m in your lion’s den.”

and they knew, “Those Cossey girls there, they’re ride or die gems.”

Burying three of our best friends… three.. in a few years..killer..

Scattered pieces sowed the reflection, it was your face in that mirror,

your voice, in the endless field was the filler.

What about…Hunting down ole cheating boy, when he was out with his friends.

Me at 15, running into those stands, threatening lives

if they ever hurt my sister again.

At times I couldn’t take that town..

school was just detention.

When it got hard to pretend,

You’d park the car, hand me the keys and say,

“Drive and don’t let them in.”

And how bout those girls.. The cheerleaders? Yeah. You remember what they did.

You came to me crying, hopeless, and broken,

you had to fight me for the keys right then.

And later that day you charged me

in the hallway at our work,

I stood there without moving, eating a pizza, with a smirk,

You said, “Steph, what the F! Why’d you go do that?” Her mom called ours and they’re freaking really mad.

I said, “Sis, whatcha talking about! It was just a car and a baseball bat…”

erupting with laughter….You threw me the keys and said, “Now get on with your rebel ass!”

Always picking up your kid sister’s mess…

Always the one in the go-cart next to me,

buckling up my seat belt when I’d forget.

Remember in our room when you learned to write rhymes

so I bought a guitar and we sang through the night.

When I turned from the church, friends fell out line.

I had to walk away, and you didn’t ask why.

I passed you in the hallway, on the way out the door, you handed me the keys and said, “Don’t fight it anymore.”

When you had to tell them what you’d believed had been wrong,

You knew I’d be the breath in your bag, just breathe on

And again, we’d watch friends and family fall out line,

all in the favor…on a religious dime.

But lie we won’t, and we will not lay down.

She’ll hold it, i’ll light it, burn the place to the ground.

You’re with me my blood, remember and know,

I’ll take the torch, and with you I’ll glow.

I’m still here and so are you,

not buried down there,

but louder it’s true.

We’ve walked through the valley relentless,

we’d know,

down there in the shadows

the voices echo.

Up here at the top, we’ll scream what we know.

and down there in the valley,

our voices echo.

You are my blood and with you I’ll go.


But really mom.. The bow??

Published by Stephspoetryandsuch

Your girls gotta write that dark poetry ya'll🖤😜🖤

8 thoughts on “Hallways and Key Rings.

  1. Either way it helps to hear these words bounce off of you, the softest echo can be enough for me to make it through… (TØPs)

    We never were much on the high road, going low was the way to freedom. I’m glad you put ^us into words. I’m glad we’ve known an anam cara kind of love. Thank You for being the burn of the flame instead of water….

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