Somethin’ about those dark eyes,
Somethin’ I can’t deny.
It’s actually impossible to put into words,
but when I say that,
it makes me wanna try.
Kinda feels like I’ve lost my mind.
Saw a phantom, defying God’s light?
So if you’re real,
send me to hell,
Cause blasphemy feels so right.

Know what we like?
We write.
We’ve got books.
People in the room,
Taking note on our looks..
Cause we’re eyeing each other.
And your stares tune out their yell,
You’re a fucking sin,

And blasphemy suits me well.

30 Replies to “Sinful🖤”

      1. That would be so much fun. It would definitely please the Goddess with 2 Goddess worshipers like us. We could probably get her to do anything for us. 😉🌚🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔❤️

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  1. I like where you took this, you let the reader do the thinking and you gave them a little nudge. Once again your mind is exploring the world around you without limits Steph 🙂


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