The Woman and Her Wolf.

Disclaimer: Male Blogger friends I love and respect you all. When referring to “Man” I simply mean the evolutionary growth as a people whole. Not literally men. 👫 This is my wolf calling.

The Woman and Her Wolf

Our eyes are locked,
Bodies poised, standing in admiration of the other.


Neither of us kneel for anyone,
And she doesn’t back down. Ever.
We are strongest of our kind, her and I.

A woman and a wolf…

Somewhere along the path we lost focus and began to wander from one another.
We surrendered as leaders of our pack.
We followed a new societal rule.
We walked with our wisdom suppressed and our fangs hidden in the darkness of our closed mouths.

The pathway foraged by the wise ones before us left sharp and defined tracks to guide us to freedom.
It was the impatient and eager hands of wealth, climbing hurriedly with domination in tow, shredding the earth in a race to the top, destroying each hard earned paw print and dismantling learned wisdom through frantic claws and shortcuts.

Past times prove femininity held a natural power through a deep connection to earth and her creatures. She was born a Goddess, from the beginning. Feeding children by her breast and bleeding red between her thighs, everything screams that SHE IS the literal giver of life, not only from the womb but through her finger tips. She shows tenderness through touch and unconditional love is her by nature.

Growth is inevitable for the woman in tune with her female wolf.
Her knowledge speaks through her walk. Those who are surrounded by her are challenged in their thinking and tested through their living. Through her looks she’s capable of hypnosis and heartbreaking..without a word. She has all the power but she’s been hiding.
It is through my study of women that I’ve come to believe that we experience the utmost freedom through bearing bare skin and offering honest love in the most naked and natural ways to atone for the harm committed against nature’s land through greed.

What could a vindictive Power do to silence her? How could man rid her of the sacredness that she harnesses inside of her from birth. The secret is: They can’t. What is harboring inside of each female is placed there by another woman’s suffering. Tapping into them, she becomes unstoppable.

Her wolf though, they will rob her of purpose by relying on young strength over wisdom. They’ll set limitations in the wild and create a sense of imprisonment. For the woman, Men would create a strict God in their own image by whom SHE shall worship and praise or be labeled as something unworthy. Sharing her wisdom, congregating with her sisters, dancing with one another shall be deemed witchery.
Tear apart her sacred body by holding her sexuality hostage as lust and prostitution make her unholy.
Silence her wisdom through religion.
Break her over centuries to believe a corporate society is flourishing to her womanhood, which in return would cause division between her sisters leaving many women stranded in the depths of submission as if it’s a privilege, all the while deeming the wild ones, the free women, sinners.

Women depend on women to release their aggression in a solemn spiritual sisterhood. Women thrive together and we’ve found no reason to compete with one another when our happiness lies in our village within mother nature.
We’ve been lied to, defeated, trampled over, and left muddy in the back.
Though, in the night we have been observing the freedom of the wolf in her roam, slipping notes under doorsteps, holding hands, and placing stones, rekindling the spirit and chanting healing hymns of passed ancestors over our shriveled hearts and damaged bones.
Waking the wild woman within and summoning her from the farthest, loneliest, quietest corners of the earth.
Through unity we are rising and we will find strength in numbers and now along with our male companions for they too have become aware of the beauty within the natural WILD woman.

Her words through the flames of a blazing fire rise to the highest peaks of mountains and melt the ground under dominating footsteps. Her knowledge sinks religion like a sailboat on the high seas and her beauty itself holds a heavenly enchantment impossible to recreate. Unbeknownst to her, the staunchest believers will question their methods, just as the strongest males in the pack begin to see who actually bears the ability to Get.Things.Done.

She is rising for her sisters and brothers today, in need of her natural healing.
They nuzzle into her chest for nurturing. They lie upon her back for safe keeping. She is wild with every ounce of her being and it draws them to her. Thirsty for her knowledge and yearning for her scent.
To know how she does it…How does she remain so sacred in such a sacrificial world?
It is because She knows her female wolf depends on her awakening and she’s out there growing meek and falling further towards the back..but the wolf feels her woman rising and coming towards her. The wolf senses her presence lingering outside of forest lining, building the courage to come and find her. She feels it. Her woman’s time.


Shedding Everything from the outside she walks beneath the branches,
Woman wearing bare skin.
The forest warms its moss under her toes as a welcoming re-acquaintance. She sees her wolf in all her glory, stammering towards her.

Their eyes lock.
Bodies stand poised in admiration. Neither kneel for anyone.
And she doesn’t back down.Ever.
We are the strongest of our pack, her and I.
A woman and a wolf.

But her wolf in woman’s absence has grown weak after being forgotten, neglected. In one heavy limp motion her wolf’s legs buckle and she collapses back into the mud. Woman’s instinct sends her jolting, diving onto her wolf, tugging her fur, pulling her up to her beating heart. Face to Face and Eye to Eye she screams a gut-wrenching howl in agony.. pleading to mother nature herself! She can’t carry the weight of this life without her Wild Wolf!! Crying out unto the trees..With bare feet planted in the earth, with fingers dug deep into the dirt, she inhales her wolf’s weak exhale and the wild CONSUMES her.


She clings to sagging fur on a bony snout and in a last effort, with a cracked and ragged voice she grits her teeth and whispers, “rise up.
Slowly and gently her whimpering female wolf leans against her and they locks eyes in admiration, in love, in respect, within their wild… regaining her balance, strengthening her back, and perking up ears. Her wolf is waking and gasping in fury with all the air in her lungs. She HOWLS fiercely to the night!… In the mud, woman and her wolf break free from the grasps of patriarchy and firmly rise up from the ground stronger and louder than ever with a vengeance in view and thunder beneath their feet. In a muddy glory they are ready to reclaim what is theirs. The earth has been calling her females to rise and run free in the wild. Find our way back to our roots and grant ourselves freedom through the run. Her wolf has taken a sprinting head start with gnashing teeth and echoing screams ready to tear down the ones restricting her free run and limiting her open roam while guarding her wild woman diligently.

Connect with Earth’s consciousness through the souls of your feet. Let your hair down and bear your skin.
Your wolf is wild and she’s pacing on the path having uncovered the lost tracks from long ago, leading the way to freedom back to where your delicate, furious, sacred, powerful heart belongs.

Our eyes are locked
Bodies stand poised in admiration. Neither kneel for anyone.
And she doesn’t back down.Ever.
We are the strongest of our pack, her and I.
A woman and a wolf..

With her tail between her legs, she’s in there, leaning into her woman’s wild essence howling, awaiting guidance to journey the path alongside her. She’s waiting for her woman to RUN WILD.




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Your girls gotta write that dark poetry ya'll🖤😜🖤

36 thoughts on “The Woman and Her Wolf.

  1. an interesting and intriguing read. love the painting at the top.
    “Are you going to keep her waiting?” i read this as…are you keeping her waiting? and i took a moment and read it again, correctly. so, why did i read it the way i did? i feel it is because i am keeping a woman i know and have a connection with, waiting.

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    1. Buddy this comment is exactly the type of questions I was hoping to trigger for us. If I may give you piece of advice, encourage her personal growth as well as yours in the healthiest way possible. Understand the worth of her heart and mind considering she must be a loyal pillar in your life.❤️❤️ Thank you so much for reading!


  2. Beautiful words from a beautiful woman. I adore wolf imagery and the metaphors you create depict the strength and wisdom the Wild Woman harnesses. She may not even know that side of herself exists, but as one woman rises, she makes it easier for others… so good, Steph, so so good.

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  3. I wanted to comment a little while ago, but this just needed to ferment with me a bit. First of all, very, very good! I believe there is a great awakening on the near horizon. I see this attitude brewing all around me. We have collectively suppressed a unique half of humanity over ego and control, mostly through the churches and patriarchal insecurities. No more!
    I also would like to suggest that while unsupressing the strength of the woman, that we embrace the feminine sude if men as well. It is only through this total acceptance of each individuals wholeness can this thing win. Let’r rip ladies! We’re ready.

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    1. Yes Jim yes!!!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed this one! I Absolutely agree with your thoughts!! A heartfelt poetically living man in tune with nature, himself, and his female is exactly what the earth needs and the wild woman thrives off her knowledgeable male companions also. We’re all in this together as a team and we can redirect ourselves to find true happiness. All we need is a community, a little nature, and some moonlight! 😆❤️❤️ Thank you so much for reading Jim!! I truly appreciate your words, mind, and always, your understanding.🙂❤️❤️

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      1. I did a post a while ago and I can’t find it. It was about Akhenaten and his wife, Nefertiti. Some new research is hinting at the fact that it was the women that held the secrets to the mysteries, and the construction of the megaliths. It certainly sounds right to me, although just a good guess at this point. Women in touch with “spirituality” (the unseen properties of the universe) was the key to their greatness. It wasn’t in a religious context, but the rituals were to remind them of the skills they possessed.

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      2. That is so interesting about women having the secret knowledge. Of course, makes total sense. Now I need to go back and find that blog! I’ve been studying how ancient women found their wisdom through “knowing the universe”. The though of this ignites some sort of fire in me! I find it all so intriguing.

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      3. I looked through my site and couldn’t remember the title to search it. I did lose some posts a while back with a wp problem. Maybe that was one of them.
        Wouldn’t that level the playing field if this knowledge hadn’t been suppressed and lost?


      4. I should make a tiny correction in this to clarify. I wasn’t that the men didn’t know the secrets, but it was the women that held the skill or practical ability to use it because of their intuitiveness with the universe.

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  4. Astoundingly good. You made me cry! Beautiful, inspiring, encouraging ; I could empty a thesaurus worth of adjectives here. But instead, I will say thank you, and Blessed Be 🌷💖 🐺

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    1. Thank you so much for putting your heart into this read! Your words have struck so deep with me. I put so much of my heart and soul and study into my words and this particular entry is something I feel very passionate about. There is something about the strength and wisdom of a woman that needs to be reignited. We’ve lost ourselves. I’m ready to dance under the moon again! LITERALLY! haha I experienced many many emotions while finishing this one. My heart took the lead and I didn’t stop her. Thank you so much for understanding and feeling my words so strongly.❤❤🐺

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      1. Your welcome. Thank you again to you for writing it. I can see that you have put so much of yourself into it, and it really pays off. It’s very heartfelt. And I couldn’t agree more. Especially in the current political climate, more than ever we need to reclaim our strength and power, and to re-attune to the wisdom of our selves, our bodies, nature, the power of the Feminine. Yours is such an inspirational piece! 💎


  5. This is actually something very interesting ! Especially for someone that loves wolves so much and consider myself a lone wolf 🐺
    This is a very good approach and hope many women will merge with their wolves and will rise strong and fierce as they should be, bodies stand poised in admiration. Neither kneels for anyone👌
    Hope you had a nice weekend despite your studies and being busy 🙂

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    1. Yes Huguette! I remember seeing in your blog that you loved wolves. The bear and the wolf are the animals women relate to the most. Our characteristics and natural intuition are most similar to these wild animals. We have a deep connection to mother nature. Thank you so much for reading!

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      1. The pleasures all mine❤you have an amazing blog🤩I’ll look forward to reading your answers😃Sending you all my love and best wishes. Lyndsey💙💕


  6. Well, this is embarrassing. I came here with the plan of thanking you for liking my recent post yet instead I found myself getting lost in the wild with a woman and her wolf. This was deeply inspiring…thanks for writing such a wonderful post. It will stick with me through all my days to come.

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    1. I appreciate your words so deeply! Thank you for reading! And no need to thank me, I enjoy reading other bloggers thoughts and poetry. Gives me life! This particular one is something I’m feel strongly about as I’ve really been diving into my studies of Women and psychological development. Women are wild at heart, it’s where we thrive.. Trusting our intuition and living to create our own happiness. It’s truly beautiful once tapped into. Thank you so much again for reading and feeling my words so deeply!🖤🖤🖤

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  7. This is pretty amazing Steph, I love your thinking as always. I’ve not been able to blog much either – it has been crazy nuts. I hope you’re well 🙂


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