🌻The Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination.🌻

I want to start this blog by highlighting one word: Community!

I started blogging because I needed a space to “place” my thoughts. I needed a “safe haven” away from popular opinion, away from people I knew, but a place that still offered a community. This blogosphere is my favorite group of people. That might sound crazy to many of you.

Blogging, for me, has never been about building a large following and monetizing . It’s never been about accumulating tons of likes, it’s not based on receiving praise. It has ALWAYS been about connecting with like-minded individuals wherever they may be located. We need that human connection and I yearn to learn😝 about life through reading and writing about it.

This space, and you all, allow me to experience different places and cultures beyond staged, perfectly positioned models over social media and beyond that of textbook studying. I don’t have endless amounts of money to travel anywhere and everywhere. BUT You all provide me with a window to your world, from India, England, France, Australia, Canada, Lebanon, all the way back to my home base in North America, you guys have made such a difference in my life. You have brought forth such a colorful new world in where one moment I’m chatting with friends in England while simultaneously sharing poems with friends in Brazil! You’ve welcomed me into a supportive environment freckled with interesting minds and beautiful perspectives who genuinely enjoy reading my writing. I’m am so extremely internally grateful for all of you who have joined my cosmic dreaming journey! Haha Also, if you have Instagram I’d love to connect with you all on there. Click the link! @steph_roath13😀😀https://www.instagram.com/steph_roath13/

Huguette, I focus in on you when I highlight the word community because you are simply one of the most vibrant colors in the pack!! Once again you’ve boosted my confidence beyond the stars by being a constant presence in my blog life and considering me for the Sunshine Blogger nomination. Thank you sweet Huguette♥️♥️.






Huguette’s blog is one that stands out to me because she addresses real issues that many of us can relate to. She’s is honest, real, and so extremely caring. She has an honest take on life situations and I find her optimistic perspective inspiring. Also you can trust her, she’s always coffee over tea. 😆😆

You all should check her out! She loves connecting and interacting with other bloggers!♥️ Here’s her blog guys! Give her a follow!


Dangit Huguette you know how to make a girl feel confident!

The Rules:
1.Thank the blogger who nominated you.✔️
2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.✔️
3.Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.✔️
4.List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award in your post/or on your blog.✔️

Questions to answer:

1. Favorite actor / actress?

My boy Chris Farley.♥️ (Have you guys seen Adam Sandler’s tribute?😭) Chris Farley had such an impact on the comedy world in the 90’s. From Every.Single.Character he ever played on SNL to be an annoying brother on Black Sheep, to being David Spades sidekick in Tommy Boy (and BS), to a bus driver and a ninja…Chris Farley could execute it hysterically! -Only the good die young.

2. Favorite TV series.

Hmmmmm well Huguette, how much time do you have?! 😆 You might need a chair!
Just a few- Grace and Frankie, Parks and Recreation, Weeds, Good Girls, PAULA ZAHN (I LOVE YOU and I’ll never miss an episode!), Through the Wormhole, The Office, American Housewife, Superstore and last but never least, THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND!!!🏴‍☠️

3. What do you think about tattoos?

Do what makes you happy! Ya want them, do it. If you don’t well then don’t! I might have one of my own! Seriously though this is the only picture I have even after 10 years! It’s music notes. lol


4. Are you with death penalty considering a family member was murdered?
Yes. Life is a gift and if you’re going to go around murdering people then you don’t deserve to live. I know some think being trapped in jail would be the worst but I disagree. In jail you still connect with life and living things. You can still use your senses, know appreciation, know reward, speak. It may not be in the ways that are most comfortable but you’re still reaping the rewards of being alive and after taking another person’s life you shouldn’t have that reward…damn is that mean??!?

5. Beer or wine?

*Clears throat…..Yeah I like both..a little bit.🤫












6.Which scent / perfume do you use?       Chloe Narcisse and ANYTHING Bath and Body works and ANYTHING Victoria Secret and ANYTH..ok I’m done.

7. What you would like to be called (a nick name or pet name or maybe your real name)
Most people just call me “Steph” and I’m totally comfortable with that.🤗🤗

8.What’s your point of weakness?
My children. Their vulnerability. I need to protect them at all cost with every single ounce of being I have to protect them. It’s imprinted into my DNA. They’re my offspring and there is an invisible cord that links them and I forever. Until the anchor breaks. The love I hold for my children molded me into the strongest version of myself…but I’ll break in a heartbeat to ensure their safety and happiness. Weird how that works!36700165_1876884875950000_6588363773457727488_n.jpg



9. Are you happy? Explain

I’m so happy! Also though, a little confused, exhausted, depressed, psychotic, and like, so totally intellectual too.😜😜😜 (Kidding!) But to answer the question more clearly- YES! I’m happy because I know that my family is happy. My children are fed, my husband loves me, extended family is safe at home. I’m grateful for these small things.
We see suffering everywhere nowadays.True suffering, people dying, watching their children starve, losing careers- losing security..and many times even through those trials people (with time) rediscover happiness…so I’m aware that I have a rich( with love!) life in other words. No complaining here!617

10. Would you take a bullet for someone you love?
Quicker than you could pull the trigger.

11. What do you think about paragliding?

Ya know what Huguette, Thank you. For asking. Never have I been asked by anyone my feelings on paragliding and to be honest I have a pretty concrete opinion about it.

because, why? I don’t like heights and I’m in planes a lot…that’s all the “gliding through the air” I need. I watch YouTube, I’ve seen what can happen ya’ll!! And I’m gonna pass on it.

My 11 Questions

1. If you could choose a place to live, anywhere in the world, where would it be?

2. If you had to choose between being stranded in the ocean or the desert, which would it be?

3. If you could solve one mystery involving history which event would you choose?

4. If you could own any animal in the world to have as a lifetime friend, what animal would you choose?

5. Linking to the question above, what’s your spirit animal?

6. If you could choose, would you explore the deepest trenches in the ocean OR the farthest galaxies from earth?

7. If you could dye your hair any color in the world BUT you had to live with it for a year, what color would you choose?

8. If you could choose a talent (art, musician, athlete, etc..) what would you choose?

9. To live among the animals in the forest OR the humans in the city? What do you choose?

10. In your daily life, what brings you the most joy?

11. All beliefs aside- Reincarnation- you get to choose what you become in your next life. What do you choose??

So I do things just a bit differently, I do follow quite a few pretty private bloggers so- the bloggers that I chose will have a link under their last post. If you’d like to participate just let me know and I’ll add your link below!!😀😀😀😀

Thank you all for reading! Feel free to participate in the questions! You guys are all so awesome and Huguette, again, thank you so so much!!♥️♥️♥️


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48 thoughts on “🌻The Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination.🌻

  1. Oh damn! Amen to that sweet introduction dear Steph! I focus on you as well when I highlight “Community” and who needs money when you have such beautiful heart and soul that can reach people from all the universe and touch their hearts in one second 😊😊❤❤
    I might follow you on Instagram hahaha
    I loved the thank you dance, oh well so very much amazing
    Hahhaa coffee is love = you can trust me folks thank you for these lovely words about me and my blog, I feel humbled that people that hardly know me speak so highly about me, while my friends and family don’t read my blog 😌😌 Thank you so much!
    Chris Farley was a great actor (I had to search for Adam Sandler tribute and it was some a very nice song summarizing the man in a great yet emotional way! I love Adam Sandler anyway, he makes me laugh, didn’t have the opportunity to watch Chris Farley except few random scenes from different movies…
    Okay Steph I’m sitting having my coffee and hit me! OMG a TV big fan here! 😁The kids are well fed? Hahaha 😂😂
    Noted about tattoos and nice tattoo 👍❤
    Okay then we will take the criminal and cut them into pieces and then send each piece to a country 😎😎 no I know what you mean and it wasn’t mean at all ❤
    Original woman: beer and wine oh well cheers 🍷🍷 (I love wine, don’t like the beer taste but I share when I have to)
    Fierce when it comes to kids, yes I remember that and god bless them always! 😊 And happy you count your blessings and you’re happy despite all the issues we all have on daily basis so don’t worry at all😊
    Okay Jess no paragliding for you hahha plane is pretty enough 😁
    Thank you for completing the award and making a perfect post and answered in a very funny and honest way, you’re a real sunshine in the blogging community and in your family life, I’m sure 💖💖😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Huguette!! 😆😆😆 I had more fun reading through your comment than making the post!!🤣🤣🤣🤣 Kidding really, I LOVED making this post!! I truly appreciate your presence in my safe space. I’m so grateful for intelligent, strong-minded, and so-extremely-caring women like you!! And if it were possible to give this nomination right back to you, you know I would!!! You are simply amazing Huguette!!♥️🤗♥️🤗♥️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 😁😁😁😁😁 I’m blushing here hehehe thank you for the lovely words dear ❤️❤️
        I’ll answer your questions if you want hahha
        You’re amazing yourself dear Steph, a super woman 🤗🤗❤️❤️


      1. ♥️🤗♥️🤗♥️ *giving you a big virtual bear hug, lifting you off your feet and spinning your little blonde head in circles!!😆😆😆

        Liked by 1 person

      1. My pleasure and i’ve actually been having a lot of problems with wordpress. So quite a few posts have not been appearing on my feed, including yours, i’ve only just realised, so ive been catching up. I have to visit each site one by one and there’s about 25 that are not showing up. so it’s taking ages to get through them all. I hate the thought of people thinking I’m ignoring them when it’s not my fault. So if I haven’t visited your blog that’s why. I’m not somebody who adds people for followers, I am genuinely interested in the blogs I follow. Sorry this message just got way too long, ha ha. Thank you!🌝 Lyndsey.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m in the same boat Lyndsey! What’s going on with WordPress!? I love reading and commenting on everyone’s post and ideas but I truly get the same 6 people on my feed when I’m following quite a few bloggers. I’m having to go back through and find them individually to keep up with blogs! I feel terrible! I’m glad I’m not alone! Haha

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I think I will get in touch with wordpress. It’s so annoying and like you said, i’m glad i’m not alone, ha ha.

        Liked by 1 person

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