🙃Monday’s Malcontent Musings IV. She’s watching.🤨🙃

I’ve heard about this little lady,
and you guys,
she’s something else.

She’s been around for many years.
Good people foster her good health.

She’s always watching
and taking notes..
She never lets anything go.
Whether it’s wrong,
Whether it’s right,
She’ll come back to let you know.

Placing names along with dates
in a bottomless pocket pit,
For those who’ve gained
off another’s misfortune,
You bet, she’s rememberin’.

She motivates the good.
She haunts the bad.
She knows you
without your approval.
And normally the slyest,
most narcissistic ones,
She comes down on much more brutal.

Keep in mind
she’s great to the righteous.
And right to those that are selfless.
And she’ll reign mercy
in times of need,
for she sees when
loving people are helpless.

She keeps friends close,
but enemies closer.
Her memory is
She tells herself,
“Even if it takes fifty years,

So do your best
to be good in this life,
cause she’s prowling
like a secret little witch.

For many have seen her,
wreak havoc on evil,
and they’ll say ’bout her,


Have a good week you guys!! Make sure you stay on Karma’s good side! She can be a real bitch.😝😝😝

Published by stephanieroath3157

Your girls gotta write that dark poetry ya'll🖤😜🖤

32 thoughts on “🙃Monday’s Malcontent Musings IV. She’s watching.🤨🙃

    1. Yes Huguette! I like that instant karma as well!!!!😆😆😆 Thank you for reading! Hope you’re having a wonderful week!♥️♥️ Also, am I just now realizing your name ends with an E and not an A!!?? Gosh I’m an idiot. I apologize! Haha🤦

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