🌟I feel you, Being.🌟

While I’m working on some writing at the moment, I just read an interesting little somethin’….I wanted, NEEEEDED, to share it with you all because well, WOW!

Here ya go!

-If you were to gather every single pebble of sand from every single beach in the world and count them- the number of galaxies in the universe would still outnumber the sand pebbles.

Our tiny Milky Way Galaxy is just one single pebble of sand.-


mind blow wow GIF

Well now my mind is spinning and going and I’m thinking all crazy, wonderin’ if parallel world’s exist, and if things like deja Vu, weird moments of clarity, etc., are actually more like a connection to another life form in a far away place. Us tapping into a frequency of living that is unseen TO US but nonetheless existing.👽

I love this possibility. I love the wonder. But gosh I hate missing out. I have so many questions about these other places and ways of life.

✨Let’s go there✨

What if these lives on these worlds in these galaxies have been existing far far longer. What if some of them consist of a sun and an earth similar to ours, humans like us, but oh so different, much more advanced.What if they exist in a world extremely different than ours. Colors, weather, beings.. I want to know them, see them..but I never will. And to think these worlds exist(could?? do??) without the knowledge of us. Them, out there, asking these same questions in some crazy alien language. What if WE ARE the unknown to someone, somewhere l.i.g.h.t.y.e.a.r.s a.w.a.y. And no matter what we tell ourselves, no matter what we believe in our tiny little bubble here, the answer is out there, above us, around us. It is there existing. We are so so small and we are not alone. Or are we? I like to believe that I am a beautiful question in another life at another place among the cosmos. I am centered in some Being’s deep questioning.

(Stay with me on this)To you other Being-

I, my sole existence, my awareness right here right now, is the answer to my own question about yours. I am alive and I am here, whether you know it or not. It doesn’t matter if you can or can’t prove it in your tiny place way out there on your planet. And it doesn’t matter if I can prove it in my tiny place here on earth, you are existing out there too and your existence doesn’t warrant my approval. Your existence is bigger than my understanding. Your existence is MORE than my questioning. But you should know, during your moments of deep questioning in your beyond,there is someone(🙋) out there aware and curious about you too. Millions of lightyears away, in another galaxy, on another small planet, in a tiny town..You are a hopeful girls fantasy. 🙋‍♀️🛸
Within you is where her deepest questions linger. And somewhere above, she can feel you…in a frequency.

I feel you answering my deepest wonders.✌

me space

AHHHH It’s too early for this! 😆😆 Have a good day friends! Hope I didn’t lose ya on that one! haha ✌👽🌟❤

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30 thoughts on “🌟I feel you, Being.🌟

  1. and that is why i let others think about all those things as it gives me a headache. lol i have read that man can not comprehend the vast number of material there is in space. with all the possibilities of life that is older than us and younger than us, how can we not have feelings of deja vu? why? because energy is not destroyed. so all the energy of life must go somewhere. right?

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    1. Yes Buddy! I get mind boggled just thinking about it all. I agree about our energy. Where does it all go? It has to be connected, I’d like to believe it anyway. And, I like to think that someday I’ll be a part of the stars. I guess in a small way, all of us already are. Thank you so much stopping by and for your awesome comment!♥️

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  2. It is fun to dream. Have you ever YouTube’d Carl Sagan’s pale blue dot?
    On the flip side, the universe is full of wonder, energies, and some are attuned differently to it. These non ordinary glimpses beyond our reality/dimension are a curios thing. Great post. Love your enthusiasm!! Pretty cool to think about.

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    1. I haven’t Jim! Am I going to spiral out of control into my mind!?!😆 I’ll definitely be looking that one up! And isn’t it funny to think..if all these deep sporadic emotions were traveling from another place..a little maddening for me, because I want to know so badly. Anywho, off to watch some Sagan!😆 Thanks for stopping by Jim, always love reading your comments! 😀

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      1. Holy shit😭😭😭😭🤯😭😭😭😭🤯 I’m speechless. HUMANS, CURIOSITY, AWARENESS, LIFE.. IT’S SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!😭😭😭
        *Me hugging a blanket crying in bed. Watching this video on loop.

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      2. There are longer and more detailed versions. But what you are feeling is dopamine. Hah!! But it feels like spirituality. The point is that this is our home, and it’s pretty special if we just tune into it. It’s very cool!!

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      3. That good holy dopamine. Give me more give me more! 😆 My curiosity for it all keeps me in constant questioning and I’m thankful for that. And what a beautiful and insanely intricate home it is. How dare those who try to give it a 6 day creation story.🤬🤬🤬

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  3. Hi ya, I love this and I love the way your mind works and the thinking. So many things could exist in ways we can’t imagine and yet be related, after all we’re all.made of star dust 😀

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    1. Thank you so so much Simon!! I really truly appreciate your words🤗🤗 isn’t it just mind boggling to think about! With as vast as this universe is, we can’t be the only life. There’s just got to be more and what a beautiful “what if.” We are absolutely little pieces of stars.😀 Again, thank you for reading Simon!!♥️


  4. Reblogged this on Planet Simon and commented:
    This post from the Irresponsible Blogger caught my eye and my mind. There’s some really good thoughts on this about, us as humans, our place in the universe and just how big the universe really is.

    Read this and get your mind blown!

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    1. A sincere thank you for sharing my words Simon!♥️ I just posted on your wall but I’m saying it here too- I’m so grateful for your mind and your blog as well and this is the sole reason I started my blog, to connect with people like yourself! Also thank you for connecting me with sweet Miriam!(through the reblog!) ♥️ Have a wonderful weekend over there!🤗🤗🤗


  5. Hiya, I’ve come here from Simon’s blog as I was so intrigued. I’ve always believed there’s more out there, so much more and that we’re tiny speckles of dust in an infinite cosmos. Your words and your enthusiasm are infectious and I share much of your wonder. Loved your post. ✨

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    1. Helloooo Miriam!!😀Thank you so much for stopping by! I’m thrilled to know you enjoyed this one. I absolutely agree with you(as you know) It’s truly intriguing to understand that the universe is insanely large and completely beyond our comprehension and control. The things that could exist out there. My mind spins when I think about the possibilities! Haha When I tell people, “my mind is in another world” I’m tellin’ the truth!😆 Thank you so much for reading and I’ll have to thank Simon for the reblog and sending ya my way! I’m always so grateful to connect with like minds. Have a wonderful weekend Miriam!!♥️♥️

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      1. Hey Stephanie, love your reply. I can so relate. My mind is often in another world too 🤣 thinking about all the possibilities that could exist ‘out there’. Mind boggling really isn’t it. I truly did love your post! Hip

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      2. Oops, I’m writing this in the passenger seat of the car and accidentally hit sent when I hadn’t finished so I’m not sure what I sent!!! Lol have a fabulous weekend. xx 😊

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  6. “I like to believe that I am a beautiful question in another life at another place among the cosmos. I am centered in some Being’s deep questioning.” This is pure GOLD! Stardust! Soulfire! I completely believe we are not alone in this vast experiment called LIFE. There is a marvellous book called “The Genius of the Few” by Christian O’Brien. In it he writes of the progenitors of humanity as we now are. I stole my copy from a library in Wenachee when I lived in America. I stole it because I simply couldn’t part with it even long enough to order my own copy! I brought it back to Australia with me and I read it once a year to ignite that sense of wonder the Annanage always inspire. What I wouldn’t give to meet one!

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    1. WENDY THANK YOU TO THE MOON for your sweet words! You have me ACHING to read this book!! “The Genius of the Few” I’m absolutely purchasing this right now so we can converse in a few days!! And I completely understand!😆😆 When you can’t part with a book, it calls for a secret taking!! hahaha Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts!


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