As I hope to not fill your time with my ranting on St.Patty’s Day, I’m angry and I need a second. Once again, humans show their ass and arrogance to Mother Nature.


Why are people so damn self-absorbed?!

As you guys know here in southern California, (and actually no more than 3 miles away from my house) we are experiencing an insane SUPERBLOOM! The Superbloom happened in 2017 also but not nearly as vast and thick. This Superbloom is on steroids compared to the last one!

Obviously this has become an extreme attraction. I was so excited seeing all the people flocking like birds to the fields, ready to OBSERVE and APPRECIATE this rare performance that mother nature is putting on for California, because it is indeed RARE.

BUT OF COURSE, within days Park Rangers were there roping off the fields because people were destroying the flowers to get “the perfect picture.” Now I’m not assuming….but I’m assuming it’s on behalf on Instagram.😑 In fact, I’m positive because I’ve seen 1000 of Instagram posts at the Superbloom. Guys, it is ridiculous and sad and freaking shallow that this is happening. I saw one post where an “Influencer” had spread out a blanket and was posing in a bikini. Not only was it 45 degrees out (not the point, if she wants to wear a bikini I could care less! To each his own!) BUT, she, with that one photo, had taken out well over 70 Poppies. It’s so upsetting that we just don’t appreciate nature as a whole. Between our oceans, our o-zone, Indigenous Reservations, forests, all the way down to a random flower field…we disrupt and destroy..How hard is it to simply stare in awe at this immaculate creation! Is it necessary to tromp through them so YOU can look pretty in a picture? To destroy untouched beauty so you can spread out like beached whale to capture that ‘oh so perfect’ position? ..I just find it ridiculous..as did Mother Nature herself because she sent her most sneaky slitherers to scare the humans away, as 5 people have been bitten by Rattlesnakes! Yes Rattlesnakes! But it ain’t stoppin’ peeps. Here’s a tweet from ABC7-

Needless to say, I’m so thankful that CHP, city cops, and Park Rangers came together for the benefit of nature and said “NOPE! IF YOU CAN’T APPRECIATE IT, YOU CAN’T COME HERE!” Let me add- I’m not for Police Enforcement when it’s not needed but in this case ENFORCE AWAY!!

Tens of thousands of people! Holy Moses!


Wow! #poppynightmare 😮

Anyway, I’ll get off my soap box. Thanks for listening! I know I can come here with this kind of angst because many of you would agree. I know most of you are nature lovers like myself!

Okay, with that behind me, here are a few beautiful Poppy fields! Guys, THEY ARE THICCC!!😜😜 Have a great Monday everyone!

What state is this again??? Haha

Have a good week guys!!♥️♥️🌼🌸

17 Replies to “Superbloom or Superbust”

  1. Really interesting and stepped up point of view. Especially about that bikini girl……
    I agree with you…. Yeah,
    It’s like humans are made for destruction…..
    Well, those poppy fields are looking exotic……😍😍❤❤….

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    1. Thank you for reading kaby! I’m may have done a little ranting, lol, but I can’t help but get aggravated when I noticed people’s blatantly disrespect for nature.. however, the Poppy fields are amazing! I’ve never seen such vibrant oranges and yellows blooming so thick! It’s really is a sight to behold! Have a good day!!


      1. I can understand. You have a Love for the Nature… ❤
        Yep, they really are!!.. 😍😍
        You seem a really responsible girl, then why are you “The irresponsible Blogger”?…😂😂😛….

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    1. It was certainly annoying that they had to close the fields and even more upsetting to see how people were so destructive! Thank you so much for reading however! And I very much appreciate your comment!!😀


  2. i also live in the area and was appalled at the stupid people and their actions over the beauty of nature. police had to patrol, waste cans and porta potties had to be brought in. the city of elsinore finally closed off the area and you had to ride a shuttle. the last time those hills had flowers, the people trampled them and eroded the hills and even now still have the scars of that past time. the hills behind my house were awash with color which i have never seen in the 20 years living where i do. even the hills along grape street had more color than ever before. it is nice with all the rain, the lake has more water
    i may drive up to lake street this week to see what is left and document any damage.
    i also have more wildflowers in my “yard” than ever before.
    good post

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    1. Thank you for reading! And I completely agree! The hills next to my house were so lively and beautiful in bloom. I’m heartbroken about the way they were treated. I saw the porta potties brought in as well Gosh..I just drove by Lake Street yesterday, there are still a few hillsides blooming but most have disappeared. California is beautiful when it gets rain. Finally we are out of a drought! Wow! Again thank you for reading. Have a wonderful evening!😀


      1. I didn’t hear about anybody being bitten by snakes but it serves them right. I’m not sure we’re out of the drought yet but it all depends on snow pack but we could still use the rain down in our area here in SoCal

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      2. Yes, I apologize, I just heard on ABC7 we could be out of the drought very soon depending on the snow pack. And gosh, I couldn’t agree more, we always need a rainfall out here! Haha besides those awful mudslides the state definitely needs the rain!


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