A Cosmic Love Story

Watch her
Like fireflies
Disperse within
The ether
Frequencies of
Electric blue
Dance like waves
Beneath her
She drifts out to the celestial poles
Hitting cold at absolute zero
Created by the
Extra galactic
And a special kind of Biro.
Lost away she wants to stay
Among the constellations
She’s safe there
In the midnight air
Terrestrial no relation
If you can breech earth’s tidal force
Escape velocity
She’ll be your guide to the vibrant star cluster
Lift the weight of gravity.
With a moonlit face
And needles and lace
She sews a trail out of stars
Through wormholes and cosmos
You follow behind her
Dark matter the path that it carves
Follow the channel
Illumination so soft
Make it to the dimensions edge?
Now grab her hand

Jump off!!!

Collide with her and levitate
through the floating gas bubbles

Kiss amidst the Nebulas
extravagant colors,
Merge fingertips
Ignite gamma rays.
Spin exotically within this electrical blaze.
We’ll spoon together cozy
In the crescent of the moon
Watch accretion till a Supernova blooms

galaxy 1
Together we’ll spin in retrograde motion,
Shrink in singularity of a black hole.
Dance on the planum of an event horizon,
Aurora Borealis steal the show.
But when the moon grows tired
And sets lower in the tide
She’ll banish you back
Beneath the ether
As she lingers in the sky
You’ll ache for her embrace
Within her realm of starry nights
And jaded, you’ll watch her dance
Above the zodiacal lights.


Thanks for stopping by you guys!! Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!❤✨


Feature photos from google.


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Your girls gotta write that dark poetry ya'll🖤😜🖤

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