A kaleidoscope of butterflies passing through my yard!

Painted Lady Butterflies

Hey guys!! Quick post here! Due to all the rain we’ve been getting here in southern California, we are getting Poppy flowers popping up out the wazoo!! We live about a mile south of one of the biggest (natural) flower fields that has recently bloomed and today a kaleidoscope of extravagantly colored Painted Lady Butterflies passed through my backyard migrating there!! They were so beautiful and whimsical in their rhythm as they flew among one another. Almost like a dance! I know the big dirt hill in the background isn’t the best backdrop BUT it’s the only place I could get them to really show up!(sorry for the toddler toys strewn about!) I’ve never seen a swarm of butterflies before and the footage isn’t all that great BUT I had to share with you all!! Thanks for stopping by!


Have a wonderful day you guys!!

Last years Poppy field by the house!






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17 thoughts on “A kaleidoscope of butterflies passing through my yard!

    1. Yes Jose! The Poppy’s are truly insane this year!! Just a plethora of yellow and orange covering what is normally dirt hills. It is quite a sight for sore eyes! Also I’d LOVE to live in Santa Barbara. I’ve heard Santa Barbara is quite lovely! Thanks for reading! Have a good day!!

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