Monday’s Malcontent Musings III- A Path called Self-love(A Play on Poems)


I’m held down by the pointless things
Shallow people, their arrogance screams.

We are surrounded by it, this image of perfect, a deceitful manufacture, it’s made with a purpose.
I guess it’s maybe part of evolution, but…….. could be a technicality.
In our minds, this idea of perfect, becomes…….. a dangerous reality.
It’s based on money, popularity, and self-gain.
It’s toxic, this technological life we’re portraying.
Human curiosity, but ourselves, are we betraying??
The best thing for us, with every ounce of our being,
wander alone for awhile, it’s healthy retreating.
Follow that path, that road Frost talked about,
the one less traveled,
let it lead you off track.
Follow it with an open mind.
Express your souls fruit.
Rather than love, acceptance, a God,
life just give me the truth.
Smoothly glide through the darker Havens.
Fly with the flock?

Now the Raven

and don’t forget,

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation”.
Let the rest go, let worrisome flee, from the grasps of those talons you’re longing to be.

If it’s negatively affecting, if it’s keeping you down, from relationships, to religions, to your damn hometown.
Get out, go fast, walk steadily down that path, let it lead you not astray, but beyond the favored pack.

Footstep by footstep, you’ll never look back.

No opinions,
Only you, give justification,
to live your life without grief and without hesitation.
Build yourself whole to build yourself up,

take a detour to freedom

It’s the path called self-love.




Published by Stephspoetryandsuch

Your girls gotta write that dark poetry ya'll🖤😜🖤

17 thoughts on “Monday’s Malcontent Musings III- A Path called Self-love(A Play on Poems)

  1. Very inspiring invitation and a major necessity as well! It’s hard sometimes to keep it up among the noise and the social media chaos! I’m not actually liking where the world is heading and we should all know that we are unique and love ourselves just as we are!
    Thank you for sharing 😊👍

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  2. I can’t help but be struck by the ironic timing (which happens to me on a daily basis) of reading this post just a few hours after the “Varsity Blues” case broke; the news about the people who paid big time to fraudulently get their kids into top universities.
    Thanks for sharing

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    1. I’m seriously disturbed by that whole situation. Lying, cheating, paying people off for different grades, longer test times, ugh!! So unfair to all those students that worked so hard and still didn’t get in to that big University or pass a test. So ridiculous! Also, thank you for reading! Haha I couldn’t agree more with your words.

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  3. btw, I did exactly what is described in this post, really, truly. got in my car & after 2000 miles I ended up in Tucson AZ bc I was tired of driving; it turned out to be a major positive shift in my life, like I was carried there by God. I always had a good/blessed life, but this was bigger…with the universe, God. Energy. And ended up being a life saver, literally… figuratively, physically and spiritually.
    I do hope your post makes that “click” with even just one person. Most people are to afraid to “move”, change, when it could be the best decision they ever make. ♡

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    1. This is truly so inspirational. We are kindred spirits Dawn, because I have close to the same story. I hopped in my Jeep at 3am and drove from Arkansas to California, I needed change and it’s been the best thing for me! Been out here for almost 8 years. And like you said, this place has been my life-saver. I needed to break away, had to. Thank you so much for sharing your story! ❤️❤️


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