A Christmas Poem in March

Off in the distance
Faint Christmas lights glow

A little way named Sims Lane
It’s a deep country road.

A little pearl colored house 
with a sturdy rock bottom 
My grandpa build it by hand
Hands worn but still solid.

Pulling up in the drive, 

Strung icicle lights

Chimney smoke rises up, 

Into winter’s dark night. 

My sister and I stop
To spot Santa’s sleigh
Mamaw’s face in the window 
A Christmas embrace.
Frost dancing around
Her voice calling us now,
“Come inside girls, let’s make you a plate!”

Upon running inside Papaw greets with delight holding pies, fudges, cookies and cakes!

The house warm and inviting,
family chatter reciting
The spirit of this holiday.

We gather to dine,

country’s finest of fine
while the old Christmas marathons play

Then it’s to the next room
Present opening soon
Floor, couches, corners, doorways
The presents there strewn
Every cousin had room
Just waiting for grandmother’s say.

Then it’s sheer Christmas havoc
Unwrapping each package
Paper tossing tthe Grinch’s dismay.
Then we race to our stockings
Customized, filled with toffees
Each year, on the door, the same space.

Then it’s time for goodbyes,
but when morning arrives
we will all gather again at this place.

You’ll see magic ignite from that home to the right
This is Christmas Eve night on Sims Lane.
Sharing a Christmas poem in March..random I know. BUT, living across the country from my entire family is extremely difficult. Sometimes I get homesick and it can become overwhelming, especially at night time. I wrote this poem about a year ago and I read it every now and then when I start feeling that loneliness. It makes me feel all warm and giddy inside! I feel it perfectly characterizes our cozy, whimsical family Christmas’s on Sims Lane. I thought I’d share it.Thanks for stopping by! Now go have some hot cocoa!!



Our Christmas Photo before we had children- circa 2010 and yes my dog is actually doing that.haha





Feature Photo by Patrick Zephyr


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12 thoughts on “A Christmas Poem in March

  1. So magical and warm! We miss the family gathering and warmth when we are away from them or when it’s hard for the entire family to be together on this night! so I can understand what you mean! Anyway I love to relive the Christmas warm moments anytime of the year! It’s amazingly magical and cozy
    Thank you for sharing and for taking us to this lovely night 😊❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind words!❤️ I’m glad this brought you a sense of holiday comfort to you! And what is it with grandparents homes being the absolute coziest!! Haha! Have a wonderful day and again thank you for stopping by!❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this poem, Steph! Christmas is such a magical time of year when your children are little and your whole family is together. You capture the spirit beautifully!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. EXACTLY! Never too much Christmas! And thank you for reading! My pups name is Kevin and he is so funny!! He has to be the center of attention ALWAYS!! 😆 I’m sure you can relate with Jett! 😆


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