Safari Park Sunday

Disclaimer: Animals in captivity, no! I’m not a fan at all. But here’s an interesting fact, while decades ago it began as a breeding facility for the zoo, the Safari Park has recently turned their focus towards environmental research for certain species, with their heftiest donations contributing to the rehabilitation center as well as extended acreage for animals to freely roam in a natural habitat.

With that being said, it’s time to put down the pencil and pick up the binoculars!! It’s my husband’s birthday so we decided to head down to the San Diego Safari Park!!


Hey guys! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend (what’s left of it anyway ๐Ÿ™„) For anyone reading, this entry is literally just my family and I enjoying a day to ourselves. I tried to tie it all up with some deeper meaning something or another…came up empty. A simple day in the life of..which is nothing fancy or out if the ordinary. We enjoyed this time together so much with these beautiful animals, I simply wanted to share!

Let me say, observing these majestic creatures wondering amongst each other was so calming! Seeing them interact and run freely in such an open space really helped reset my mind and gear up for another week of writing.

Ladybugs in the Hidden Jungle.
Birds of a feather flock together!
Yes to everything this guy is doing!


As I wander around this San Diego Safari, watching my daughter and son’s little faces light up with each different exhibit,

River checking out the goats
Rezy owning the carousel!

I’m taken back to my childhood-

roaming that tiny Little Rock Zoo, face paint, candied popcorn, animal head cups, disproportional body drawings, chaotically studying each trail on the guide map with my sister eagerly tracing the maze we would follow during our wildlife exploration, tromping around in our Chuck T’s. I hear my sister, “Look at at big boy theya!” -Steve Irwin accent on point! (We mastered his accent.) I’ll never forget one time, a monkey was out wandering..let me be clear, 3 monkeys were out wandering. My mother was casually taking my sister and I over to pet one when my dad quickly stopped her and said “Don’t do it Annette!” Sure enough within seconds the monkey was hissing at us!! Turns out they weren’t suppose to be there!! I’ve been a little sketch of zoo’s and monkeys since then!-

Quickly I zone back into reality and I’m across the country twenty-something years later doing the same thing on a much larger scale with my own children! Seems like the blink of an eye..and I cant help but think in another blinkย  I could be here with my grandchildren. How quickly it all happens…life. It’s mind boggling really. The older you get the more aware of it you become..That inevitable time clock ticking onward and onward..oh look there I go, getting weird.. and didn’t I just say I’m staying out of my head!

When the elephant in your ear whispers “Stop being weird.”

Any who, come on along if you’d like to explore this southern California Safari Park with the fam and I!

Insert Jurassic Park music here! haha

These fellas were magnificent.


So glorious!
A lookout over a small piece of the park.


The giant bird bath!





Rezy skipping into that hidden jungle.
My two main dudes!
I may or may not have just been hit in the eye with a branch.(Hence the draining mascara!) haha
These little baby cheetahs had been abandoned by their mother but were recieving tons of TLC at the rehab center!













Carousel for the 8th time!



Jon with Giraffes!



Southern California!

Thanks for stopping by friends! I appreciate all of you and I hope I’ve allowed you to get to know me a little better today! Have an awesome week!!


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