Tell Them.

Tell Them.
It’s actually very simple. The positive influences in your life, the people that have never made you question their loyalty, what does that person mean to you? Ask yourself. Those people deserve to know what they mean to you and you deserve to get to tell them. You’ve heard it AGAIN and AGAIN, to the point it’s haunting but I’ll repeat it AGAIN, “Tomorrow is not promised.” You might be unaware of the positive influence that your words could bring to a person, I’ll tell you, it is unlimited. Whether it be your lover, a parent, grandparent, maybe a best friend, sibling, a co-worker, it could be your kid…Those individuals are the people you invest your heart, your words, and your time in.

Right now think to yourself, “Who are the people I could not live without” and tell them. Tell them what they mean to you. Even if you have to find a way to let it slip out super casually, let them know how precious they are to you. If you’re not good with expressing your feelings out loud, then write it down and place it somewhere they can find it or even send it in the mail! If you’re next to them, reach out, give a hug, give a kiss on the forehead, or quick shoulder rub. I’m telling you my friends, they’ll feel your love. It doesn’t always have to be said.
I’m not saying to tell them just for you, but really it will benefit you too. It’ll add a little pep to your step because sharing love and being positive is fun and can be energetic.
So guys, if ya have it in your heart, make sure you tell the people in your life their worth. It will mean the world to them. And I wouldn’t doubt they hold that same love for you. Do it while we are here and present in this life together. The sooner the better.

Remember when we lose someone important to us, many times we think back to the last time we saw them or talked to them. Make sure you have no regrets and make sure your people have no doubt that you love them.



Have a wonderful day/night everyone! Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate all of you!


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