A sister thing.

Sisters..They’re a strange species aren’t they. They just vibe in this togetherness. A defender and a keeper. Old souls and kindred spirits. Maybe best friends, problem solvers, in another life. My big sister and I have leaned on each other through life ALWAYS. We have gotten in trouble together, we have laughed until we’ve cried on numerous occasions, we’ve experienced the death of 3 really close friends (this would’ve mentally defeated us had we not had each other) and oh, I may or may not have wrecked her car at 15 years old(whoops!!) And then there’s the craziest and hardest part, we both moved away from home and across the country from each other. She went east coast, I went west coast. Although we talk over the phone daily, I miss being in her presence.

Let me get to the point. The other day I was visiting with her, and I mentioned being short on art supplies for illustrations and that I’d need to wait until payday to get a specific kind. We moved along in conversation and nothing else was brought up on the subject. Well yesterday I woke up to a package at my door, low and behold, that sister of mine sent me a surprise! Guys I couldn’t believe it! Inside were the pens I needed but an even better brand!img_20190215_162039

I called her just shouting to sky with gratitude! She’s the most thoughtful person ever! THEN, a few hours later the door bell rings AGAIN!! What was it??! Another package from my sister!!! LOADED WITH SUPPLIES!! An illustrators wet dream! hahaimg_20190216_140211

I DO NOT DESERVE THIS GIRL!!!!! I really just wanted to take a second on my blog to give praise to this amazing sister of mine. When I tell you all she’s the most giving, selfless, considerate, hippie, flower child, lover of life and all of its people, best mom to her 4 kids and BEST SISTER in town…I’m not exaggerating. She’s honestly one of the most beautiful writers and I’m so inspired by her, her commitment to herself, and her journey to always seek truth. Stacyeliz I love you to the end of the cosmos.

I can’t imagine living on this earth without you.

Not really needed but here a few photos of my sis and I!


Getting our go-cart  in like 1995, hence our mother’s camera!!!! Our parents quickly sold it after, due to our dare devil attitudes! Guys, look at that bow on my head! Jesus mother!

My sister finally meeting her niece!
Our daughters

Thanks for stopping by guys! Hope you all have a wonderful day! I’ll be here sketching away if ya need me thanks to my awesome big sis!


Feature photo uploaded from google.


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11 thoughts on “A sister thing.

    1. Thank you for reading! We had very few cousins who lived near us. Needless to say, we were very grateful to have one another! She was definitely a live-in best friend with the occasional kicking and screaming fight! Haha Have a wonderful night!

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  1. I love you! And I love knowing you have everything you need to fulfill your creative pursuits. Your talent is worthy of display and I am excited to see you back at it. There really are no words that can express how magical it has been, being your sister. I miss you and I love you beyond the space time continuum 💙💜💚

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