Be My Valentine.

Today’s the day.

Today we are telling you, to tell them, you love them.

There is no other day better fit than this day. Show how much you care. Go out and buy something for the person you love. Today, Valentine’s Day.


We think a card will do. No, ya know what, get flowers too. A little stuffed bear to go along with those. Gold heart shaped jewelry that she’s in desperate need of. Go on that date and hell, if ya have the means, today, go buy ’em the car of their dreams. Purchase that house, come on get them that boat. It’s acceptable today because our marketing hoax. Get out today and go buy her that jet, buy him that yacht that he’ll never forget. Spend the money, it’s critical you do, cause if you don’t, you don’t love them, they mean nothing to you!!!


If you forgot, booooiiii you better get to the store! Not a card, maybe chocolate?? Not even at the door?? Find something, God something, “PLEASE!” Cupid implores! And when you’re driving home with nothing, others left you for dead, you see a flower and pull over,  you pick that flower instead. A flower so lonesome, could be presented one handed, but that tiny bloom shows true love, it’s candid. Give that flower, bare petals, no glam. A face will light up because your love is no scam.

Money no need, don’t spend it today. That person is grateful for you, your embrace.

As for this holiday, there’s really no need. Your people already know what they mean. Your happiness, your love, depends not on a day but by actions,your behaviors they’ll sanction, they’ll stay. Hearts and minds bind together and be together they may. Really that’s all we need on this Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, from me, Negative Nancy! Aka Stephanie.



I love the love but hate the marketing!

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