I deleted Facebook and it’s…. relieving.  If I could put it in Marie Kondo terms, “That shit sparked some damn joy!!” And I know, I’m late to the game but guys, it’s really nice having that soapbox news feed behind me.

What is it with Facebook?? I’ve been growing tired of the whole FB mentality for awhile now. Like many others I’d use the excuse, “I use it to keep in touch with family” and “I have it to see friends and their children.” But I don’t feel that way anymore because without even meaning to, Facebook revealed things to me that I didn’t want to see about people I loved, especially during this political era.

For the longest time I struggled with deleting Facebook because it IS a platform for my voice in a way and I felt it was important to shine a light on current topics such as: hate crimes/blatant racism, unlawful police shootings involving predominantly black males, school shootings, presidential scandals (proven to be true) etc. Things that are OBVIOUSLY big issues, problems rather. However, the backlash I received just became too much..maybe i’m weaker than what I thought…I’d tell myself it’s time to delete… but how can I justify the personal decision of cutting out this “platform” and silencing my voice for the people that need it, that don’t have a voice. Does the state of my mental health warrant this exit?


Because FACEBOOK IS NOT MY VOICE. A “platform” maybe in a small way???

So I decided I will no longer present my life and my voice on a bickering Facebook news feed. My voice will be heard in bigger places with like minds, problem-solving for the benefit of the people. My voice will be heard where changes are made. My voice will show through my actions, and how I raise my children. I will not give the uninformed my eyes and ears to push their limited perspective on. Nope! Not in my direction. I’ve done MY research and I shouldn’t have to educate an adult about why acceptance, understanding, and LOVE, actually are the end all answers.

I’ve been without Facebook for a few months now and I have a weird sense of calmness. Like aaaaaaa relief. Strange right? So funny that it was such a worry to me, funny that I ever cared that much! And honestly, maybe I don’t care to see what certain people are doing in their lives now. True colors show in weird ways, social media being one of them, even their silence was so so loud.

So maybe I pushed myself away. No..no…. the word is grew.

I grew.

Also, I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw this on NBC4 a few days ago! I’m tellin’ ya…I don’t need one media source to tell me that another media source is unhealthy but….just saying…

Also I watched Marie Kondo’s “Tidying Up”. My house is still a fucking wreck but my mind is as clearer than ever. Thanks Marie!

Feature Photo uploaded from google.

Footage from NBC4.

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