Serendipity (When California called)

The birds started it.

134, 135, 136 ..lying on the trampoline, dad’s  weed eater brings my back from the clouds. I call to him, “DAAAAAADDY!! WHERE THOSE BARDS GOIN’??” southern accent strong.

“WHAAAT?” He calls.


“They’re migrating west to find warmer weather,” he responds.


“Well babe, I’d guess it’d be California. A place that’s always sunny and warm.”

“California huh”…

and the curiosity kicked in as I sat on the trampoline and gazed west.


Still California dreamin’ at 22, that place would call to me again through love. A boy, same college, same work, had just moved down the road from me, literally. Call it chance, love, or just life….it was weaving a blanket and we were threads being interwoven.


Waaaaay out in Arkansas, where I was born, we were livin’ crazy in love and now married. He asked if I’d ever want to move to his home state where his family was, start a new life, where?? In California.
That evening we sat on that same trampoline together and gazed west.


Now 7 years of livin’ here and I set on this woven blanket of life with that same man and watch our children frolic in the waves and sand. California was calling for me..or maybe all along it was him.

And still I’ll sit here on this beach and over my shoulder I’ll glance back East and I’ll think about my dad, those birds, and that trampoline.

Maybe I’ll blame it on serendipity.


(Video I sent to my sister in PA)

My daughter and my husband.






Feature Photo uploaded from google.

Also I did already post this but I accidentally deleted it. 😦 😦 Thank you for bearing with me!



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