Adoption ๐Ÿ’“

My mother-in-law has always been an inspiration to me as has my husband. They’re both independent thinkers and they love with their whole hearts. A brief event on Super Bowl Sunday has deepened my love and respect for them tremendously. We were getting ready to head home from the small get-together at her house. She walked up to my husband and handed him an envelope. She simply said, “I’ve been holding on to this for too long now.”
We got home and started looking through it and I was mesmerized by this small piece of history. It was the documents concerning his adoption by his father. To not confuse you, he knew he was adopted by his father but he was unaware of the details concerning his separation from his biological father. A mother’s love can be felt intensely through the conversations that took place between her lawyer and his biological father’s lawyer back in 1987.
Long story short, she, who had just become a single mother, was working, and going to college, paid a hefty sum out of pocket to get herself a lawyer with the support of her family. The conversation between her lawyer and his lawyer basically described his mother rejecting child support in order to keep full custody of him..In past conversations she’s vaguely mentioned to me(through the years) that she would’ve been concerned for the safety and well-being of her son and herself if remaining in contact. Although she was fully aware of the difference child support could’ve made for her financially, that was never an option if it meant visitation.

He took the deal. Didn’t have to pay if he would never pursue his son.
Signed, without hesitation and without ever even knowing him.
It was there..almost written in stone.

My Husband was so so precious!๐Ÿ’“

My sweet little dude! I want to pinch his cheeks! Wait! I can! Be right back!

By the time he was 4, his mother was paving quite a way for herself. She was a teacher and had met someone and boy did he LOVE her son. The best part though, HE STEPPED UP. Between their love for football, Zoo trips, Disney world, heart breaks, sporting events, family vacations…HE SHOWED UP. Eventually they got married and I’ll let the picture below explain the rest. (My husband wrote it to the judge on the day he was adopted by his father at 8 years old.) I cried when I saw it.


Now every year on the anniversary of their adoption day they go have milkshakes. Every.Single.Year.

May I just quickly add, my husband is the kindest, most gentle human. He is a special education teacher, the most supportive husband, and wait for it…..THE BEST FATHER TO OUR CHILDREN!! He gives his daughter and son his entire heart. He finds meaning in being a father and setting an example for his children. I hope he always knows how much he means to me. His journey is something that inspires me to the core because I can see how he uses his experience to grow. It has made him so beautiful, so caring, so loving.. I’m truly grateful for his dad and his unconditional love for my husband. Now I can thank him for being an awesome grandpa because his grand kids are crazy about their Poppa! Needless to say, receiving that envelope just added a few chapters in my husband’s story that even he wasn’t fully aware of.

This is what’s beautiful to me- I asked Jon if he’d ever like to reach out to his biological father, he with confidence answered, “No way! I never missed out on having a dad. I have the best dad.”
Adoption is so damn beautiful.๐Ÿ’“

On their first date! Those smiles!

Him and his momma!

Milkshake photo taken by annsofieback on instagram

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  1. Oh. Man. WHYYYY am I crying?! I absolutely love this post. This is the story of how one man can heal what couldโ€™ve hurt. So glad future generations are carrying on in such a Love. What a beautiful story.

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