Because, cookies.

Today has been a groggy one for me. Not to ruin anyone’s positive outlook! Maybe because I woke up with a horrible headache and my son, who is 9 months old is sick. I’ve been going on very little sleep, as are my grumpy children, which has left me with very little gas in my tank.. The little engine that could just couldn’t today. So it’s been hard to get out from under that “cloud”. I needed to step outside my thoughts. To my convenience, this afternoon happened to be FREE so with no plans, no expectations and nowhere to go, I fully embraced this literally and metaphorically rainy day. Today I just let myself simply be. Did whatever. Wrote, doodled, played with the kiddos, did a little soul searching…and after all that, GUESS where I found myself!?! In the kitchen! Yep my day of “self care” has been spent in front of the oven just baking away BECAAAAUUSE I wanted some damn cookies!! So I put on my baking apron (yeah, it got serious) and dove in. I use the same dough recipe every.single.time I make any type of cookie. THIS IS NOT MY RECIPE! It belongs to Sally’s Baking Addiction. I found it a few months ago and it never disappoints!! The provided link is for the original recipe- Brown Sugar Butter Pecan and they’re AMAZING!! However, I use this same dough recipe for cookies of all sorts! Besides their original Butter Pecan(phenomenal!!) My favorite addition to the dough (which I made today and just my preference not meant to be a recipe blog!) is: 1 cup of pecans, 1 1/2cup chocolate chip, and 3 cups of M&M’s. Yaaaasssssssss. Is my sweet tooth obvious? Try it when you’re splurging guys!

My second favorite addition and also made today (again just personal preference) is Ghirardelli chocolate chip and walnuts. Soooooo goooood!

Also, I didn’t cheat myself, I went full blown milk chocolate. I have to agree with Michael Scott, “Semi-sweet?? Who are ya helpin’? 😂

The secret is the chilled dough and brown sugar. Needless to say, I prepped, my daughter helped, and once the dough was cold we began to shape and bake. Guys, they all turned out sooooo good!! And I’ll even admit, I’m not the best in the kitchen! You’d never know though. These cookies were exactly what I needed for a picker upper. Filled my tank up full!

The perfect comfort “snack” with a good movie, and a few coloring books, and we had ourselves a stress-free afternoon/evening (aside from nose sniffles and coughs). Honestly, I just needed to get this feeling of complacency and helplessness off my shoulders and maybe that will help me produce a more productive day tomorrow. I guess I just need to remind myself that we all have those days. I didn’t feel like small talk today so I stayed in. And in reality, today ended up being pretty good day because, cookies.


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