The term “Twin Flames”…..I came across it while studying and found it interesting. A Twin Flame is a person that directly reflects your idea of life’s Divine Wholeness. It’s beautiful being whole as one and even more so when you extend your passion to show someone your hidden vulnerability. And one should feel grateful when that connection finds them. This flame is genuine and not to be taken for granted because keep in mind, that which disguises itself as love can play trickery and be so deceiving to our eager minds. Money, jealousy, complacence, physical attraction.. none of these are a core basis for a Twin Flame. A Twin Flame has the same burning desire for you as you for them. A Twin Flame wants to grow, build, and EXPERIENCE life together, not just go through the motions. A Twin Flame doesn’t simmer your flame they ignite your fire and then watch it grow and they’re proud to be a part of that wild fire that is you. Twin Flames open doors to tremendous emotional, psychological, and spiritual growth. Your strengths and weaknesses perfectly balance each other. You share the same values, desires, and dreams. You learn the values of empathy, compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love for that person. And all of this FOR ONE ANOTHER. Although you are already whole as yourself, your Twin Flame takes your whole and ADDS a new portion that makes YOU not a better version, but a happier version of yourself. Seek love passionately. Never settle for anything less than that one person that looks at you and sets your soul on fire.

photos from Google.

I love this man with a burning desire.💓

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