Getting Inspired.

At the beginning of this year…(so yesterday) 😬 I told myself I was going to find MY joy within MY own space. In other words, I’m creating a space within my home that will fulfill my personal time and rejuvenate my mental state. On a serious budget and with a little elbow grease it’s time to utilize the area in my home to reflect a more organized, calm way of living. By doing this to my home, I’m hoping to “de-clutter” my mind as well. With that being said, running a house with a three year old and a ten month old is a challenge in itself so staying organized…well that’s just a funny joke. I have found that my goals are being pushed to the back burner and that is hindering my motivation for other projects as well. Procrastination is my biggest enemy.🤬😵🤬 So this weekend I forced myself to set aside a little bit of time to accomplish something on my checklist AND I DID IT! (Scroll down to see)


I know it’s small, like a super small change to what actually affects my daily life but this year I’m living by the idea that SMALL IS KEY! In order for me to truly take back my space in my home and my mind, I have to start small. Compartmentalizing my thoughts and organizing my home. So little by little I’m going to create the living space that I want. How do you guys keep organized while maintaining your self-care WHILE keeping those littles in check? Asking for a friend…🙃 Anyhow, I’m excited to see where this positive, productive mindset takes me!

My little Rezy painting away.

So about this small project:

My husband and I have had this piece for years and years..I’ve never like it..I guess because I overlooked its potential.😞 But after deciding on a color, we took a few hours to sand it down and gave her a new coat and I’ll be damned if she hasn’t put a smile on my face every time I see her! Bought a few woven baskets

$15 each TJ MAXX

to store blankets and toys and I’m telling you guys! It was worth it! These small changes I could’ve done 5 years ago have truly become the highlight of my living room and adds just a little bit more life. So there’s my first small step. Done in one day.

Oh and I’m watching “Sharp Objects”… LOVE Amy Adams and the book was eeeeerie.

Next I’ll be restoring a gift from my grandmother. Her mirror! I’m so excited to see the detail of this mirror and the facelift it gives to my living area! Stay tuned and thank you for supporting me while I assemble the essentials to live in bliss!




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