It’s my entire life in the scope of a foggy meadow and in the most random moments the sun shoots out of the clouds creating a waterfall of overwhelming warmth, a clarity. And over my body it pours and it pulsates throughout my veins. That warmth in these moments, it’s pure happiness. So sporadic that spark and so quickly it dissipates. It’s an instant of knowing that i’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. Likely coincidental, but something connects.
Deeeep within my mind there’s a place where my presence lingers, where the true love I hold for MYSELF is locked away to avoid vulnerability. In these moments, I tap into that place. It’s so comforting in that moment and it’s so familiar in that place but it’s not Deja-Vu. It’s different.
I’m connecting with myself in these moments. It’s an early epiphany taken life. A connection to my past or future self, or both. On some invisible balance between time and space there’s a frequency.A’s ecstasy in the form of well being. Only sometimes I can pinpoint the trigger…a scent, a song, a place I’m experiencing for the first time.. Something as small as 3 strokes of a piano could trigger that moment of clarity. That showering of sheer circumstance that led me to this.exact.moment.  It’s Me, alive. In all aspects on every level. Moments of Clarity that flood my mind like a West Coast Wave.131
It tells me I’m allowed to feel it so I’m silent and I’m still and I feel it…embrace the comfort of its presence because its timing is fortuitous.
Past, Present and future.
 An interlocking of internal gratitude to my younger self for following my heart’s lead, and to my future self for conquering the fear and welcoming the unknown. I connect to myself in the different phases of my life and I still am.That’s the feeling. That’s the frequency.134


It’s within me.

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